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Callie threw her swimsuit into her bag. She was so ready for this vacation in the sun. Callie loved almost everything about the beach, but she threw a swim cover into her bag as well. Callie told herself that if she hid her body, then she would be free to enjoy the sand and the sunshine—she just would not go in the water. For as long as Callie can remember, she has hidden her body. She tries hard to eat well and exercise regularly, but even when she has lost a few pounds, Callie has not felt comfortable with her body. Fad diets have left her yo-yoing up and down on the scale, but they have not helped her appreciate her body or achieve a consistent, healthy weight. Callie is not the only one who feels this way. Many people are struggling to manage their weight and, even more, to feel comfortable with their body. More and more, people are trying something new to get the results they want. Instead of just going to the gym, they are also going to the therapist’s office. Navigating the emotional and psychological component of weight management can be just as tricky but just as important as managing the physical component. Skilled therapists, however, can often give people the help they need to manage their weight in a sustainable, healthy way.

“One day, I had to sit down with myself and decide that I loved myself no matter what my body looked like and what other people thought about my body.”
—Gabourey Sidibe

Weight management is not always as simple as calories consumed and calories burned. There are many ways to approach weight management, and one is to look at what it takes to live with self-acceptance and to pursue health goals in a healthy way. This is what counseling focuses upon. Instead of counting calories or teaching exercise technique, counseling looks at equipping people to think about their health in a holistic way so they can be both emotionally and physically healthy.

The therapists at Thriveworks Boston offer appointments for weight management. Many of our clients are tired of following the latest health craze, and they are ready to make steady, long-term changes for their health. Our therapists are happy to guide that process.

Challenges with Health in America

It is no secret that both kids and adults in America are struggling with their health. The Centers for Disease Control studied the problem and found that…

  • 20 percent of adults in American (ages 20 and older) are obese.
  • 20 percent of adults in America are overweight.
  • 9 percent of children (ages 2-5) are obese.
  • 17 percent of children (ages 6-11) are obese.
  • 20 percent of children (ages 12-19) are obese.

These numbers are not just measurements. They are real people who have unique stories and experiences. Often, people are not just struggling with their waist line or their clothing size or their cholesterol levels. They are also struggling with their body image and their self-worth and their motivation. These emotional struggles are real and can impede an individual’s weight management.

Counseling and Body Image

When people work with a therapist to manage their weight, the focus is not on nutritional information or exercise technique. No, the focus is upon holistic health. The focus is upon how emotional healing can bring physical health. The focus is upon finding and treating any mental illnesses that may be impeding an individual’s ability to maintain a healthy weight, and the focus is upon equipping people with the emotional skills to accept their body and treat it with respect.

Mental Illness and Unhealthy Emotional Patterns: Often, the top priority in counseling for weight management is treating any mental illnesses that an individual may be fighting. Eating disorders can destroy an individual’s relationship with their body. Anxiety and depression can disturb people’s appetite. These illnesses have effective treatments that can be pursued.

Another common problem that holds people back from feeling comfortable with their body is their own negative self-talk. Usually, people are not even aware of these thoughts or how these thoughts can hold them back. For example, people may think…

  • I will never be able to accept my body or feel comfortable in it.
  • I over ate this weekend, so no dessert this week (food as punishment).
  • I have been so good that I get a treat (food as a reward).

A Respectful Relationship with the Body: When people find healing for any mental illnesses they are facing, then they have a strong foundation to cultivate a respectful relationship with their body. Therapy may help people…

  • Become more self-aware so that they can listen to their inner voice instead of any negative thoughts.
  • Use goals to motivate themselves (instead of punishments and rewards).
  • Learn healthy coping skills for handling life’s difficulties.
  • Strategize how to overcome setbacks and over eating (because that will happen and it’s ok!).

Meeting with a Therapist at Thriveworks Boston for Weight Management

If you are ready to work with a counselor for weight management, then Thriveworks Boston is ready to meet with you. We offer counseling for weight management, and we have appointments available. We offer evening and weekend sessions. New clients often meet with their therapist within 24 hours of their first call. Many different insurance plans are offered. Let’s get started. Call today.

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