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We all have bad days — days where we’re sad, lonely, or hopeless. We may struggle with the death of a loved one or mourn the end of a relationship. These moments are painful but we eventually come around and start feeling like our normal selves again.

But what happens when the feelings don’t end? Depression is a mood disorder that’s characterized by persistently depressed moods or a loss of interest in activities. It isn’t just feeling sad sometimes; it’s a constant feeling of sadness that can result in a range of physical and behavioral symptoms that interfere with your daily life.

Does that sound like you? Perhaps you feel like your relationships aren’t as strong as they once were or you no longer feel motivated to do your job. Maybe you have trouble concentrating or have been feeling uninterested in your day-to-day activities.

If you’ve been feeling this way for a while, know that you aren’t alone. Millions of people struggle with depression, including a number of celebrities who have opened up about their experiences with depressive episodes to raise awareness and encourage others to get help. Eminem is one example. He’s struggled with depression after a failed marriage and the passing of a close friend. He’s shared that he had never felt so much pain before in his life and there were days where it was tough for him to get out of bed.

Eminem sought counseling for his depression and was able to manage the symptoms that once impacted his life. That same support is available to you when you feel ready. Thriveworks in Arlington, TX has trained mental health professionals on staff who are experts in helping clients move past their symptoms and get back to living healthier, more fulfilled lives.

What Are the Most Common Depression Symptoms?

Depression may look different for you than it does for someone else. That’s because there are a number of depressive disorders, and each can affect people in different ways.

With that said, here are some common symptoms of depression to look out for:

  • Persistent feelings of sadness
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Loss of appetite
  • Low energy levels
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Low self-esteem
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Restlessness
  • Mood swings
  • Substance abuse

If you’re noticing any of the above symptoms, they may be signs that you’re experiencing a depressive episode. When you’re ready, consider seeking depression counseling services from Thriveworks in Arlington, TX.

How Can Depression Therapy Help?

When you meet with a therapist or counselor, the first thing they will do is aim to identify the underlying issues that may be causing your depression.

There are many forms of depression, which can include:

  • Major depression, which is characterized by feelings of all-consuming sadness. It can cause a loss of interest in activities you previously enjoyed and other symptoms like changes in appetite, fatigue, and feelings of worthlessness.
  • Persistent depressive disorder (also known as dysthymia). This type of depression is not as intense as major depression, but it can last for two years or more. People experiencing persistent depressive disorder may experience low energy, low self-esteem, and hopelessness.
  • Bipolar disorder, which is also called manic depression. It is characterized by states of high energy followed by plummeting lows. Highs can include erratic behavior and promiscuity while lows may bring feelings of self-loathing, sadness, and excessive sleepiness.
  • Postpartum depression can occur in the weeks and months after a woman gives birth. The hormonal changes can contribute to mood swings, numbness, and exhaustion.

Once your therapist determines what type of depression you are dealing with, they can identify a therapy program to begin treating your symptoms. This may include talk therapy approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which targets negative behaviors and thought processes and aims to introduce healthier ways of dealing with emotions.

Your provider may also recommend medications such as antidepressants. If this is the case, a psychiatrist will be able to prescribe that to you and monitor your symptoms to ensure it’s having the desired effect.

After a few sessions with a licensed professional, you may begin to feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. To get started, contact us at Thriveworks in Arlington, TX.

Starting Therapy for Depression With Thriveworks in Arlington, TX

At Thriveworks in Arlington, TX, we make it as easy as possible to get started. Call to make an appointment and you can take advantage of our early morning, weekend, and evening time slots. Online and phone call therapy sessions are also available, and new clients can often be seen by a therapist within 48 hours of reaching out.

We accept many types of insurance plans, offer a flexible cancellation policy, and therapists are available between appointments via phone or email as needed. Clients also have access to our online counselor-moderated discussion boards, video content, and our eBook called “Leaving Depression Behind.”

Are you ready to talk to a depression counselor or therapist at Thriveworks in Arlington, TX? Consider taking the first step and reaching out to us today.

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