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One day there might come a time in your life where you’re feeling lost. One day you might feel that you’re not appreciated at work or at home and that life is somehow slipping you by. You might start to do things just to relieve the pain or the boredom or whatever. You might start drinking heavily or taking drugs. You might start watching pornography whenever you can or having random sex with total strangers. Maybe you’ll start binge-eating or gambling or compulsively shopping. All these things can take you over and lead you into a dark place called addiction.

The Arlington, MA addiction counseling services that you will find on this site are qualified, equipped, and ready to help you should you find yourself in trouble.

Addicted, me? Never!

Denial is a common trait among addicts. It’s all part of the general atmosphere of dishonesty that an addict is surrounded with, dishonesty with themselves and those they are closest to most of the time. Other traits include:

  • Disappearing into yourself, withdrawing from the world
  • Lack of caring about anything anymore. Total apathy
  • Constant craving. What you’re addicted to is consuming more and more of your day, all day every day. You can no longer function.

If you can identify with any of these traits over any addiction at all, no matter how silly it might seem, it will be worth giving us a call. Not calling us and leaving your addiction unchecked can take you to a very dark place indeed and could end in an early death at the worst.

Why Should I Call You?

As mentioned above, not calling us could result in tragedy. That means that calling us could literally save your life. If you want to get out of the vicious cycle of addiction, there is no-one better than our Arlington, MA addiction counselors to help you achieve that goal. We may well be able to offer you:

  • One-on-one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family/couple’s therapy.

The above therapies are the mainstay of getting off and staying off an addiction. You will learn that you’re not alone and that you have love and support. It’s not easy to kick addiction, but it is easier with us than without. Please reach out to us to give us a try. We’ve saved others and we want to help to save you.

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