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How is your relationship going? If you feel hesitant to answer this question, or the answer is
difficult to verbalize, it is time to reach out for support. People begin couples counseling for a variety of reasons. Some examples include feeling like you don’t know where the relationship is going, being unhappy but not knowing how to make changes, trying to decide to take the next steps to make a marriage or commitment, or struggling to blend lives and families when you are noticing new differences in each other every day.

Many people get in relationships without having explored essential questions such as “What do I want from a relationship?” “What do I value in a partner?” “What are my goals for the future?” When couples differ on answers to these questions, conflict can arise.

How couples counseling at Thriveworks Alpharetta can help:

  • ­Avoid issues before they arise by improving communication.
  • ­Learn skills for effective communication and setting healthy boundaries.
  • ­Negotiate relationship and life goals in a safe environment.
  • ­Identify personal needs and interests and blend these in a healthy way.
  • ­Avoid and manage co­dependent patterns.
  • ­Plan healthy ways to merge resources, finances, homes, children, etc
  • ­Make intentional decisions about your future as a couple.
  • ­Healing wounds from the past.
  • ­Creating trust.
  • ­Dealing with underlying issues such as addiction, mental health, family issues, etc.

Starting the counseling process can signify a new beginning in your relationship, a way to move forward in a healthy direction. The knowledgeable, licensed counselors at Thriveworks Alpharetta are professional and non-judgmental. You will find a safe space that allows you to be honest and open in order to get the help your relationship needs.

In order to meet your needs, appointments are usually available within 24 hours. Call today to learn more about how we can help your relationship thrive.

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