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Are you tired of fighting with your significant other? Are you convinced that you and your significant other cannot live together because of constant arguments, tension, and increased resentment? Do you think you might be happier apart? Are you worried about the effect of your divorce or separation on your children?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are not alone. Many couples get to a point where they feel like living separately is the healthiest alternative. The decision to end a marriage or relationship is never easy. The end of a relationship evokes various thoughts, feelings and behavioral changes, which may include disturbed sleep, persistent fear, uncertainty, self-doubt, panic, guilt, resentment, depression, substance abuse, anger, loss of control, and feelings of betrayal. If you are separated, divorced or planning to divorce, therapists at Thriveworks Tucson East will offer you the much-needed help and support, which will go a long way in ensuring that transition is less difficult and stressful for you and your children.

Divorce counseling sessions at Thriveworks Tucson East will help you reduce the effects of divorce on you and your children. In addition, by choosing to work with a counselor at Thriveworks Tucson East, you will be able to work through the psychological and emotional damage and trauma that may have been caused by the divorce. Divorce counselors at Thriveworks Tucson East understand that a troubled marriage or divorce is extremely emotionally distressful.  Call us at (520) 827-6372 to begin your recovery.

Do I Need Divorce Counseling?

Divorce can affect various areas of your life. There are certainly many issues to be addressed before and after a couple has decided to end a relationship. Therefore, it is important that you proceed thoughtfully and carefully so that you can fully trust your decision to separate from your partner. Not everyone needs to go through divorce counseling, particularly couples whose divorce was amicable or civil.

If you experience the following signs, you may benefit from pre-divorce counseling and post-divorce counseling:

  • You feel sad, depressed, angry, anxious, and have suicidal tendencies
  • You have turned to alcohol or drugs as ways of coping
  • You have trouble eating or difficulty sleeping
  • You are concerned about the consequences of the divorce on your kids
  • You want to know how you can reduce the effects of your divorce on your children
  • You are wondering when and what you should tell your children
  • You are convinced you have exhausted all possible alternatives before and after your divorce
  • You believe you and your significant other might be happier apart
  • One of you wants to divorce and you’re feeling that you have no control
  • You are concerned about parenting time with your children after divorce or separation
  • You feel that negative thoughts and emotions arising from the divorce are preventing you from functioning in your daily life
  • You fixate on or feel overwhelmed by divorce proceedings
  • You feel the urge to make hasty decisions for the future

If any of the above statements describe how you feel, or what you may be going through, divorce or separation counseling is highly recommended.

What Should I Expect from Divorce Counseling?

Divorce counseling sessions at Thriveworks Tucson East will help you re-adjust to your new life. In addition, seeking help from a therapist at Thriveworks Tucson East will help you process and work through the negative effects of the divorce in all areas of your life. You are going to be equipped with skills that will help you prevent undesirable thought patterns and behaviors.

We offer a range of divorce and separation counseling at Thriveworks Tucson East:

  • Pre-divorce counseling: During the pre-divorce counseling sessions, your therapist will help you prepare for the life ahead. In addition, the sessions will help you and your spouse communicate effectively and accommodate each other’s feelings during the divorce proceedings. Your counselor will work with you to ensure that your children are well prepared for the divorce. You will also be able to address any parental concerns you may have more so if you have not talked to your children about the separation.
  • Post-divorce counseling: Post-divorce counseling sessions help you find closure in a non-judgmental space, particularly regarding any thoughts and emotions that may be preventing you from functioning optimally. Counseling provides a space for you to construct new and effective ways of helping your children cope with the events surrounding the divorce. Moreover, your therapist will teach you better ways of helping your children process the new changes and cope with those changes effectively. Counseling sessions are critical because they allow you to discuss with your counselor or therapist how you can remain civil to your partner without feeling undermined which is an important part of being effective co-parents for your children.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment at Thriveworks Tucson East?

At Thriveworks Tucson East, we help you help you work through the grief, loss, stress, sadness, anger, and any other emotions that may be preventing you from moving forward. In addition, your therapist will help you improve your attitude towards the new and productive change. You will also learn ways of helping your children cope with the new changes both in school and at home. You can schedule an appointment with a therapist at Thriveworks Tucson East by scheduling online or calling (520) 827-6372. We offer early morning, daytime, and evening sessions, as well as weekend sessions depending on your availability.

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