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Are you worried about your relationship?  Does your relationship have challenges such as intimacy and sexual difficulties, step-family issues, communication breakdown, conflict, betrayals or affairs? Every relationship has its unique challenges. When your relationship becomes difficult, you may find yourself behaving or communicating in ways that consistently lead to tension, conflict, or turmoil.

Left unchecked, relationship problems can increase your risk of developing thought patterns, resentment, and irritability as well as other symptoms of anxiety and depression. Despite the complexities of relationships among married partners, unmarried partners, or cohabiting partners, it is never an easy task for people to share or talk about what they are going through. Therefore, relationship difficulties tend to go on for a long time without being addressed.

It does not have to be that way for your relationship.  Relationship counseling at Thriveworks Tucson East will give you an opportunity to discuss your relationship issues in a safe and non-judgmental environment. You can visit Thriveworks Tucson East as a couple and talk with the highly trained relationship counselors who are well-versed in various relationship issues including divorce counseling, effective communication, managing break-ups, pre-marital counseling, and marriage counseling. Call today at (520) 827-6372 to schedule an appointment. 

Do I Need Relationship Counseling?

Are you wondering how you can reap the benefits of relationship counseling? If you are experiencing any of the issues below, you will likely find relationship counseling beneficial:

  • You have unending challenges in your relationship
  • You are about to get married
  • You want to select the right partner or relationship
  • You feel anxious about dating, getting engaged, or walking down the aisle
  • The world of dating seems unfavorable
  • You are not sure when you should take the next move in your relationship
  • You want to reduce arguments or disagreements and have a more peaceful co-existence
  • You want to increase the level of trust you have for your significant other
  • You want to know how to move forward after an affair
  • You’re going through a break-up
  • You want to stop a separation or divorce from happening
  • You’re not sure whether you should divorce or separate
  • You feel wronged by your partner
  • You are depressed or frustrated by the kind of relationship you have
  • You want to have a better relationship with your in-laws
  • You want to bring back the spark in your relationship, or increase romance and love.
  • You’re considering breaking up your relationship
  • You realize there are things you also do that may be harming the relationship

How Does Relationship Counseling Work?

At Thriveworks, we offer various types of relationship counseling including:

1. Pre-marital counseling

Many people do not consider going through pre-marital counseling before getting married. However, pre-marital counseling is important. It can contribute to a successful relationship from the very beginning. In addition, pre-marital counseling or therapy can help you cope effectively with the stress of preparing for your wedding day.

Another advantage of premarital counseling is that it helps couples improve their communication skills as they prepare themselves for the long-term commitment. Indeed, it equips couples with the necessary tools for building a resilient and loving partnership.

2. Marriage and Couple Counseling

Getting married and staying in that marriage requires that you learn about yourself and how you choose to engage in connected ways. By contrast, many couples tend to relate in unhealthy ways, which can lead to continuous disagreements, dissatisfaction, frustration, and misunderstandings.

Marriage or couple counseling at Thriveworks helps to sort out such difficulties in a safe and non-judgmental environment. By working with your marriage counselor or couples therapist, you will gain insights on effective ways of communicating and be able to connect more intimately, which will go a long way in restoring love, romance, trust, understanding and contentment in your marriage.

Couple counselors at Thriveworks will work with you to address various issues including relationship transitions, co-parenting, finances, and other family issues.

3. Individual Counseling

Relationship counseling at Thriveworks is also helpful to individuals who want to increase their success ability to be in a healthy relationship even if they are single. Individual counseling can help build the confidence that you need to create a happier, healthier and lasting relationship with the right person.

A person in a relationship can also work individually with a counselor or therapist at Thriveworks to improve their current relationship even if their partner will not attend the sessions.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment at Thriveworks Tucson East?

Relationship counseling at Thriveworks Tucson East will help you build effective patterns of behaving, relating, and communicating with your partner. By attending relationship counseling sessions at Thriveworks Tucson East, you may be able to achieve the happiness and fulfillment you’ve always desired. You can schedule an appointment with a counselor at Thriveworks Tucson East by contacting us at (520) 827-6372 or by scheduling online.  We offer early morning, daytime, and evening sessions, as well as weekend sessions depending on your availability.

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