Adjusting To Working From Home in Short Pump, VA

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Adjusting To Working From Home in Short Pump, VA

There are millions of people, all around the world, that have been used to working from home for a long time. However, the coronavirus pandemic has made it so that more employees are working from their home than ever before. After all, there is a significant health risk for those who are in a workplace together – and many organizations understand that they can still maintain productivity if their workers can work remotely. However, the transition isn’t easy for everyone, and there are many reasons why this might be the case.

First and foremost, you might have thought of your home as a comfortable place to relax. Now, it has suddenly become a new office. This is even more difficult if you have children, as they might now interrupt you during your work flow. Of course, there are also couples that haven’t been used to working within close quarters.

Either way, it can be difficult for many people to suddenly adjust to working remotely from home. Here are some ways to make the transition easier. Thriveworks Short Pump counselors have a tremendous amount of experience when it comes to making sure that clients can work from home in a healthy manner, so contact us at anytime for more information.

Establish A Routine

It can be tempting to wake up and start binge-watching TV shows in your pajamas instead of working, but this clearly isn’t productive for your career at all. You might be working from home now, but does it have to feel that way? There are many people who work from home who have found that establishing a routine can make things a lot easier.

For some, this might involve dressing up in work clothes and even dress shoes before they sit down at their home office to get things done. In this way, they might be more mentally “present” in their work, thanks to the outfit that they are working. It also might be important to stay away from social media during the first few hours, to avoid any sort of distractions.

You might even want to download apps that block certain websites that you might be tempted to check. If you treat working remotely like a real “job”, you might be able to be just as productive – or more productive – than you were at the office.

Set Clear Boundaries 

Let’s say that you live with your significant other, and they are happy about the fact that you are working from home. While he/she might believe that you will get to spend more time together, you should make it clear that work will have to get done during certain times. This can be extremely tough to establish if you two live in a small apartment together, for example.

You should try to make some clear boundaries in the form of a “home office”, whatever that looks like. If you are working in the same room as your kids – you will constantly be distracted. Similarly, if your partner has the TV blasting while you are trying to brainstorm new creative ideas for your company, it’s clear that there will be issues here. You should communicate with the people you are at home with, and make it clear that boundaries will have to exist for a healthy work/life balance to exist.

Take Consistent Breaks 

You might consider yourself an extremely hard worker, but the truth is that there’s a very small chance that you are actually working for eight to ten hours straight. In the office, you might end up making small talk with a coworker that also happens to be a friend, or you might head outside for lunch and/or a smoke break. You should do the same when it comes to working remotely.

You can still crack a joke on Slack from home, or you could use walking your dog as a way to get outside and clear your head. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, taking breaks – whether it’s for food, your kids, or your pets – can help your overall mental health. If you are serious about working from home, you should understand the importance of taking consistent breaks here and there.

Discussing Your Issues

Ultimately, you might find that working from home isn’t the seamless transition that you thought it would be. There is no reason for your personal relationships to suffer now that you are working from home, and Thriveworks Short Pump counselors can make sure that your relationships remain healthy.

Thriveworks Short Pump counselors can offer video counseling, also known as telehealth, which means that you and your partner could discuss your issues from home. The last thing that anyone wants is for you working from home to put stress on your personal life, especially during a pandemic.

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