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Is the sound of wedding bells in your future? Are you contemplating getting engaged and married, but unsure? These are huge decisions that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Call Thriveworks Reading-Wyomissing.

We can help you make these big decisions.

Preparing for a wedding can be exciting, but also stressful too. Don’t overlook the most important detail. It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of picking a wedding dress, cake, and invitations, and planning all the music. But at the end of the wedding day, what is the most important detail of all? Is this person right for you? We want to help you with that detail. Whatever brought you to this page, we are glad you found us.

Why Pre-Marital Therapy?

Marriage is not easy; it is hard work and many of them fail. The statistics are against you. Don’t let that happen to you. The key is to be prepared and committed. Get counseling, coaching, and direction before you take that leap. Some faith based officials require that you go through premarital counseling before they perform a ceremony. They want you to have a strong foundation and so do we.

It is a very serious decision that should not be taken lightly. Studies have shown that premarital counseling can help alleviate anxiety and fears. It does not mean you have a problem. It means you are wise enough and mature enough to be prepared. No matter what age you are or socioeconomic status, it is an excellent decision and you and your relationship are worth it.

How Can Thriveworks-Reading/Wyomissing Help?

At Thriveworks Reading-Wyomissing, we have experienced, credentialed, licensed, and professional counselors and life coaches that can meet with you and your loved one to help you decide what is best for the two of you. There are assessments and instruments that can help determine if the two of you are a good match and we can help give you additional information to make the best informed decision for the both of you. We want to help you prepare for the future. We can help you explore potential sources of future stress in your upcoming marriage and help you take the steps to prepare for them, and address them before they become a problem. We understand that you may be nervous to find out if you are compatible or not. You might love the person despite what anyone says. However, even if you find that you may be not be the best match in some areas, we can assist you in how to work those issues out before you get married and afterwards.

We can give you the tools to succeed because in any marriage, problems will arise. We can help you identify problems areas. We can also give you strategies and techniques to tackle challenges in your future such as role expectations, communication, finances and budgeting, recreation and leisure activities, religion and cultural differences, family planning, future parenting, intimacy and sexuality, handling occupations and careers, in laws, holidays, and social lives outside of the relationship, among many other things.

Get some direction in this very important life journey. You are at a critical crossroad. This decision can determine the path for the rest of your life. Stop and get a map. Don’t just be another statistic. Choose to take the time and energy to prepare. Let us help guide you and navigate the curvy and bumpy road ahead. Let us give you some directions and tips for along the way. Be safe. It’s a long road trip! “Let’s get thriving!”

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