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Carol knew that she could benefit from seeing a mental health counselor or even a psychiatrist for her obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), but every time she imagined going into a clinic, her symptoms flared up uncontrollably. She worried about being exposed to germs. She worried about not being able to wash her hands. She worried and worried herself into indecision, then she just couldn’t make the call to schedule an initial appointment. Meanwhile her repetitive behaviors were getting worse, and starting to interfere with her job and her personal life. What should Carol do?

Carol could benefit from online counseling sessions at Thriveworks in Odessa, TX. The online counselors at Thriveworks are fully licensed and accept most health insurance plans, making them both highly qualified and affordable. When you meet with your expert counselor online through secure video conferencing software, you can do the sessions from the comfort of your own home. All you need is an internet connection or a phone line. 

This telehealth system works especially well for people like Carol, who suffer from anxiety that’s exacerbated when they venture out into the public arena. Online counselors at Thriveworks in Odessa, TX use evidence-based, solution-focused techniques during online appointments to help people manage their psychological and behavioral symptoms and get started on the road to well-being.

Does Online Counseling Work As Well As In-Person Counseling? Is It Effective?

Scientific, peer-reviewed studies have shown again and again that online counseling sessions can be just as effective as in-person therapy sessions. Online counselors at Thriveworks in Odessa, TX can use popular therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help their clients manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Thriveworks offers specialized counselors for substance abuse issues and eating disorders. In addition, licensed psychiatrists at Thriveworks can evaluate new clients, diagnose mental health conditions, and prescribe medications as needed online just as they can in-person. 

Are There Any Added Benefits to Online Counseling?

There are absolutely added benefits to online counseling, and more are always rolling in because telehealth technology is still relatively new and more and more people are trying it (and loving it) every day. At Thriveworks in Odessa, TX, online counseling clients may observe some of the following benefits:

  • Enhanced access to specialized mental health services
  • Stronger relationships with their therapist
  • Ease of access even if they live in rural areas
  • Accessibility even if internal or external symptoms of a mental condition (like depression or anxiety) limit their mobility
  • High client satisfaction
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Anonymity and privacy as well as reduced stigma
  • Access during work trips or vacations
  • Enhanced comfort levels

Some online counseling clients at Thriveworks in Odessa, TX even find that it’s easier to open up emotionally when they’re doing their therapy sessions at home. Virtual sessions can feel more personal and give counselors an insightful glimpse into their clients’ everyday lives. 

Is Online Counseling Safe and Secure at Thriveworks?

Our licensed counselors and therapists at Thriveworks in Odessa, TX prioritize their clients’ privacy. They would not conduct their therapy sessions online if they had any reservations that the sessions wouldn’t be secure. Thriveworks uses the latest telehealth software to make sure each online therapy session is private and HIPAA-compliant. The Thriveworks video conferencing software is easy to use, even for people who aren’t necessarily computer-savvy. If you can click on a link in your email, you can speak to a Thriveworks counselor online. And if you ever encounter technical difficulties, our highly trained team at Thriveworks in Odessa, TX will get you immediate support. 

Find the Online Counselor Who Can Help You at Thriveworks in Odessa, TX

When you start a relationship with an online counselor at Thriveworks in Odessa, TX, you can expect the highest quality of mental health support. All our providers are fully licensed and top-rated. They pride themselves on their accessibility and even give clients email and phone access to their private numbers between sessions. Thriveworks clients also enjoy our high-touch customer service, where you can reach an actual human and not a voicemail when you call our office during our extended business hours. Our staff can answer your questions about providers and health insurance coverage, and they can usually match you to a therapist who can meet with you within 24-48 hours. Anyone who’s tried to book an immediate therapy appointment in the past knows that’s an unprecedented turnaround time. 

In addition to exceptional, expert counseling sessions, Thriveworks clients also get added benefits like our Ask-a-Coach 24hr Q&A service, where licensed therapists can answer their questions and give life advice around the clock. 

Thriveworks makes it easy for you to get the mental health support you deserve. Call our office today to make your first appointment. 

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