Couples, Marriage Counseling in Northeast Raleigh, NC—Strengthen Your Relationship

Couples, Marriage Counseling in Northeast Raleigh, NC—Strengthen Your Relationship

Imagine: You and your partner have been on good terms for the entirety of your relationship. You’re about to celebrate your sixth anniversary and have a fun trip planned. Just before your mini-vacation, one of your partner’s family members decides to visit. Every time they’re around, they make you feel uncomfortable and stressed. Your partner doesn’t realize this and gets upset with you for not wanting to hang out when they’re here. You’ve tried explaining the way you feel but they seem blind to what’s going on. 

In this situation, outside, unbiased advice would greatly benefit you and your partner. Maybe they don’t see your side because of some unresolved issues with that particular family member. Or, maybe they just need to hear it from someone else. Whether you’re in a situation like this or you and your loved one are dealing with a different issue, couples therapy or marriage counseling might be the solution you’ve been searching for. 

Relationships take a lot of work and patience. In some cases, they even need the help of a licensed therapist or counselor. Here at Thriveworks Counseling in Northeast Raleigh, NC, our couples and marriage counselors are dedicated to helping you and your partner achieve greater overall happiness and success. 

When your arguments start to get too hard to handle or if you and your partner are experiencing a hardship in your relationship, consider working with us. To schedule an appointment with one of our providers, just give us a call.

Working with a Counselor or Therapist: Does it Work?

After days, weeks, even months of trying to resolve specific issues with your partner, it can feel overwhelming. Remember that all couples go through difficult times and you’re not alone. There is no clear-cut way to work through the challenges you’re facing. However, the counselors and therapists at Thriveworks in Northeast Raleigh, NC have the skills, education, and training to help you tackle your issues. 

When you first begin your sessions, your clinician will work to understand you and your partner’s individual needs and concerns. Doing so will help them take a more in-depth look into the root causes of what’s going on and provide you with a customized treatment plan for your relationship. Doing so, they will teach you tools and tricks to use in managing future conflicts and de-escalating stressors. Some of the tools could include: 

  • Communication techniques
  • How to actively listen to your partner, not just “hear” what they are saying
  • Identify the root problems of your relationship
  • Increase respect and understanding for each other 

These are just a few of the things you can learn during your time with the clinicians at Thriveworks in Northeast Raleigh. Again, we’re here for you and will do everything we can to help you improve your relationship.

The Areas That Couples and Marriage Counselors Can Help With

As you’ve probably gathered already, we can provide you with assistance for many different things. If you have a problem, no matter how big or small, chances are you would benefit from working with a mental health professional.

Below are a few of the common reasons why couples seek our assistance: 

  • Lack of trust
  • Poor communication
  • Infidelity 
  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression 
  • Parenting disagreements
  • Financial strain 
  • Intimacy problems
  • Depression 
  • Poor work/life balance
  • Thoughts of separation 
  • Disagreeing values 
  • Major life changes 
  • Jealousy 

We understand that every couple has their unique challenges, so don’t feel discouraged if your specific concern wasn’t listed. Sometimes you might not know what the particular problem is and it could just be that the fun has faded from your relationship. We’ll work with you through whatever you bring to the table.

Start Couples Therapy at Thriveworks Counseling in Northeast Raleigh, NC

If you’ve made it this far, we’re glad to see you’re still here. You must be ready to take the next step and improve your relationship for the better. At Thriveworks in Northeast Raleigh, NC, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in great hands. 

We have a team of exceptional scheduling specialists and mental health professionals. Also, we offer a wide range of benefits, including flexible scheduling options, no waitlist, online counseling options, next-day appointments, free resources, and more. 

To get started, visit our online booking system or give our office a call. We look forward to working with you and your loved one.

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Meredith Hinson

I have known Meredith Hinson for several years. She is patient and kind without judgement. She definitely makes me feel at ease.
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Licensed Counselor-Individual and Couples

Kathleen is such a professional, educated, and expert in her field. She shows a lot of compassion and pride in her work with clients. Kathleen will be someone you can trust and be able to have a wonderful working relationship. I would pick her for a counselor any day!
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Kathleen Moore is an exceptional professional

I have known Kathleen Moore for many years and find her to be highly skilled and professional as a Counselor. In my personal experience she is highly intuitive and knows how to listen well and respond accurately to issues as they are presented. I highly recommend her to others.
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Staff Review

Your staff, Kathleen Moore, has been a constant professional. Her expertise and sound advice as a counselor exemplifies compassion, integrity, and honesty that is most needed in this field. Thank for the years of unwavering support.
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Growth Mindset Counselor

Kathleen Moore is very knowledgeable and engaging. She really listens and knows how to get at the root of the issues. She has a growth mindset and is constantly looking for ways to further her education so that she may help others.
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