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Online counseling is growing. It’s becoming more popular, as people recognize and utilize its many benefits from convenience to comfort, security, and affordability. It enables people to meet with a counselor, even when they have tight schedules, a lack of availability, and/or disabilities that prevent them from coming in for a traditional in-person therapy session. In addition, it empowers people who would normally have trouble opening up to a therapist; these individuals find that opening up and having serious conversations in online counseling is much easier not to mention beneficial.

All in all, online counseling is a valuable service. With the traditional in-person counseling approach, sometimes unpredictable factors can get in the way of one’s attending their session: for example, bad weather, standstill traffic, a bad cough or fever. With online counseling, you don’t have to stress about how long it’ll take you to get to your session or what you’ll do if you develop a little sickness but still want to meet with your therapist. Why? Because you can attend your session right from home.

Thriveworks North Austin is proud to offer online therapy via phone and video. We are dedicated to helping people in the Austin, TX area to live happier, more successful lives. And we can accomplish this mission in online sessions! If you’re ready to schedule your first online counseling session, reach out to Thriveworks North Austin at (512) 649-2270.

Who Benefits from Online Counseling? Can It Help Me?

Here at Thriveworks North Austin, we strongly believe that everyone can find help and empowerment in counseling to improve their life in the way they’re hoping to. Unfortunately, there are sometimes hurdles that get in the way of our receiving mental health services. These hurdles include a lack of accessibility, fear, and mere scheduling issues. Fortunately, online counseling is the solution for each of these hurdles. Therefore, if you want to get started with a counselor but you just haven’t had the right opportunity presented to you, consider our online counseling services at Thriveworks in Austin, TX.

To better understand all of the benefits that come with online therapy, and in your deciding whether online counseling is the right option for you, consider:

  1. Jen is searching for a female therapist who specializes in relationships. Her hope is that she’ll start individual sessions and then convince her boyfriend to come in for a few as well. She’s looked in their area for the right counselor, but hasn’t found one that meets all of her needs. Fortunately, when she expands her search to include online counselors, she finds a counselor a few cities over who checks all of the boxes. She schedules her first video counseling session right away.
  2. Alex feels like he knows everything he could possibly know about counseling. He’s familiarized himself enough to where he now feels comfortable enough to schedule a session—plus, it doesn’t hurt that he knows he can maintain the anonymity he was hoping for. Online counseling means he doesn’t have to worry about people he knows seeing him at the local counseling office. He gets to keep this personal decision to himself until he decides to share it with his loved ones! He can’t wait to get started and feels hopeful for the first time in a long time.

Can you relate to Jen or Alex? Are you looking for a counselor with specific specialties or qualities? Are you hoping to keep your decision to attend counseling private? Online counseling can meet those needs. Continue working with an online counselor at Thriveworks in North Austin, TX.

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Thriveworks North Austin counselors, therapists, and psychologists are ready to help you as soon as you communicate your readiness! All you have to do is call (512) 649-2270 to get in touch with our scheduling team and set up your first online counseling appointment. When you do, you’ll get to choose whether you’d like to meet with your counselor in phone counseling sessions or video counseling sessions. The choice is yours. Either way, your counselor will bring impressive skills, experience, and training to the table. And they can’t wait to help.

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