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Panic Disorder Therapy in Newark, DE—Therapists and Counselors in Newark

Most of us trust our bodies not to spiral into a panic so deep you think you’re dying. We don’t worry about suddenly feeling shortness of breath, a racing heart, chest pain, and dizziness. But if you’re one of the two million Americans who have Panic Attack Disorder, those thoughts might haunt you. Panic attacks are terrifying and can leave you drained for hours afterwards. They not only affect you in the moment but can stretch into your day-to-day living.

The Thriveworks Newark counselors understand the frightening experience of panic attacks, and how they can be even more terrifying when they are random and unexpected. We are here for you and can help you get back on your feet with renewed trust in your body and mind.

What Is a Panic Attack?

A panic attack is the tell-tale sign of Panic Attack Disorder, although the attack is also a symptom of many other anxiety-related conditions like social anxiety, eating disorders, general anxiety, and phobia. People who struggle with Panic Attack Disorder will have a lot of panic attacks that are unpredictable and reoccurring.

If you live in fear of having a panic attack, know that you aren’t alone. Thriveworks Newark understands this disorder and the best ways to cope with it.

So how do you know if you’ve experienced a panic attack? They come in all variations of symptoms, but a few of the more common ones include:

  • A general sense of dread or impending doom
  • Shakiness
  • Numbness in hands or feet
  • Racing heart
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feelings of ‘going mad’
  • Thinking you are dying
  • Racing thoughts

Sometimes, the panic is in response to a specific situation, like public speaking, but often, panic attacks seem to come from nowhere.  At the end of the day, panic attacks are painful and terrifying. But in of themselves, they aren’t dangerous. You aren’t actually at risk of dying, even if it desperately feels like that sometimes. Part of the counseling process for Panic Attack Disorder is widening your understanding of panic attacks so you can pinpoint how it affects you at an individual level, and how best to combat them. Thriveworks Newark is excited to walk beside you as you take back your freedom from panic attacks. You are in control, not your panic attacks.

There are two main symptoms that set Panic Attack Disorder apart from regular panic attacks. They are:

  • Experiencing at least 4 panic attacks in a one-month period
  • The attack produces additional distress and worry about the possibility of having another attack, which in turns changes how you behave in your day-to-day life.

Of course, everyone is welcome in Panic Attack Disorder Therapy at Thriveworks Newark. Even if your panic attacks are rare, and you don’t think you qualify for Panic Attack Disorder diagnosis, you could benefit from getting help before it gets worse.  Counselors at Thriveworks Newark are available to help you get to the root of the problem and prevent your life from being consumed by panic.

What Does Panic Attack Disorder Therapy Look Like?

Much of the paralyzing fear panic attacks bring is because of how misunderstood they are. Controlling the physical symptoms during a panic attack is incredibly difficult, but with awareness and practice, you could learn to stop a panic attack before it occurs or make it more bearable and shorter.

A few things you could learn in a Thriveworks Newark Panic Attack Disorder Therapy session include:

  • What personal signs point towards an upcoming panic attack for you (ex: sweaty, racing heart, sense of dread, etc.)
  • Relaxation training- When you’re having a lot of panic attacks, the stress can carry over into the rest of your life, which then increases the likelihood of another attack. We can stop the cycle but learning how to relax.
  • Cognitive Restructuring- Basically a fancy word that means we’ll practice identifying negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones.
  • Mindfulness- One of the most crucial skills in Panic Attack Disorder Therapy. Negative emotions are not part of us, and they won’t last forever.
  • Coping strategies- Panic attacks are exhausting, physical and emotionally. How can you take care of yourself so you can bounce back quicker after an attack?

You don’t deserve to be ruled by fear. You deserve a life free of panic attacks, where you can do what you want where you want without being afraid of crippling panic. Thriveworks Newark is here to walk with you as you journey towards health and healing.

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