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Fighting an eating disorder can be an isolating battle. Too many people wrestle with the shame, guilt, and confusion of eating disorders thinking they are alone. You aren’t alone! Thriveworks Newark can walk with you to support and encourage you as you battle one of the most deceptive tricks the brain can pull on us. It is this deceptive nature of eating disorders that make it hard to recover. Even loved ones trying to help end up spurring the destructive pattern forward.

“You don’t have to be so obsessed.” “What’s so hard about just eating?” “You just need more willpower.”

The truth is, feeling trapped in an eating disorder is not a result of someone being weak or confused or obsessed. An eating disorder is a pathological trick of the brain, fueled by cultural expectations, bad habits and destructive thought processes.

The one truth our Thriveworks Newark Eating Disorders counselors have seen over and over again is that you have the strength to overcome an eating disorder. It might feel like an uphill battle, but with a little support, a healthy relationship with yourself and food is possible.

How Does an Eating Disorder Develop?

If food has been a necessary part of human survival since the beginning of time, how can our relationship with it become so harmful? As with most things, it’s a slippery slope that may start with something small but ends up somewhere you never wanted to go. There’s always a way out though! Thriveworks Newark believes it’s never too late for someone to begin to heal and grow.

One thing an Eating Disorder therapist might talk with you about is the root of your eating disorder. Is it a coping mechanism for something else stressful or overwhelming? Or maybe your food intake is the only thing you can actually control in your life. Or perhaps binge eating is the only release you get in a stressful and otherwise restrictive day.

The unnecessary and harmful stress society puts on weight and body shape almost always plays a role in a developing eating disorder. A Thriveworks Newark counselor might also help you dismantle the lies society tells you about yourself and find the truth. Our Eating Disorder counselors want to make it abundantly clear: an eating disorder is never your fault. It can feel like you’re self-sabotaging at times- why else do you feel like the only way you can be happy is by not eating for days, then eating everything in the fridge, then work out for hours?

But those desires aren’t you, they’re you’re eating disorder. It is separate from you. You are a unique and wonderful person beyond your eating habits and beliefs about yourself. Thriveworks Newark is here to help you manage your eating disorder so you can fully experience everything else about you that makes life fulfilling and exciting.

Eating disorders are as unique as the people they affect; no two cases are the same. The three main types of eating disorders are anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating.

What Are the Symptoms of Anorexia?

Anorexia is a deadly mental illness. This is because if left untreated, the extreme low-calorie lifestyle can begin to shut down vital organs. Thriveworks Newark is fighting to help more people have the freedom from anorexia. As always, recovery is easier and quicker the sooner action is taken against anorexia.

It takes immense strength and courage to reach out for help when you’re battling anorexia. Everything in you is whispering that there’s nothing wrong, and a few more pounds lighter and you’ll finally be happy.

Thank you for choosing to fight for yourself and take this step. Thriveworks Newark is ready to walk with you towards the happy, fulfilling life you deserve.

A few signs to look for in yourself or a loved one include:

  • Underweight (BMI less than 18)
  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Restricting food
  • Counting calories
  • Unusual amounts of exercise
  • A lot of thoughts focused around food, weight, or body shape
  • Strong desires for a different size/shape
  • Wearing baggy clothes to hide weight loss or body shape

Thriveworks Newark has years of experience and tools to help you deconstruct the lies and face the truth. Freedom from anorexia is possible.

What Are the Symptoms of Bulimia?

Bulimia is the not-so-nice cousin of Anorexia. They have similar facets, but the exacting binge-purge cycle sets Bulimia apart. It is this cycle that is so frustrating and destructive to our hearts and minds. If you are feeling caught in the whirlwind of the cycle, Thriveworks Newark may be able to provide an extra boost to spur you on your way to recovery.

So, what is a binge? A binge is an uncontrolled consumption of an unusually large amount of food. It can bring fear and shame- the catalysts for a purge cycle. Purges can be everything from excessive exercise to fasting and diuretics to forced vomiting. It is trying to get rid of the calories just consumed.

The overused lie Bulimia likes to tell is “You’re just weak, that’s why this keeps happening. Next time, be better.”

That’s a lie! You are not weak, and Bulimia is not your fault. Many factors go into an eating disorder, but none of them are a personal flaw. Instead, Thriveworks Newark has seen that it is your strength and resilience that will break this cycle and get you to the life you deserve- happy and excited for the future.

Some signs of Bulimia include:

  • Having a binge episode (eating excessive amounts of food when the situation does not call for it, feeling out of control or like you can’t stop while eating.)
  • Trying to counteract the binge by purging (vomiting, exercise, fasting, etc.)
  • Being preoccupied with shape and body image, feeling shame or a desire to change
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Dehydration or other vitamin imbalances

There is hope if you are fighting Bulimia. Thriveworks Newark is ready to fight with you.

What Are the Symptoms of Binge Eating Disorder?

Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is quickly becoming one of America’s most common disorder.

Again, remember that struggling with Binge Eating Disorder does not make you weak! The addictive chemicals in our foods that come so readily in our grocery stores and fast food chains can trick our brain into wanting more and more and more, until it’s a full-on binge. Combined with the stressful environments we can create for ourselves, and overeating might be the only way you feel good.

Thriveworks Newark has seen many people overcome BED and continue to lead healthy, happy lives. It has a high recovery rate once action is taken. Of course, it is still hard to do it alone! That’s why our eating disorder counselors are here to walk with you through the confusing time until you feel good again.

Some symptoms of binge eating disorder include:

  • Feeling depressed or anxious
  • Disgusted at yourself, your habits, or your body
  • Binge eating, oftentimes alone where no one can see you eat
  • Feeling out of control when eating
  • Embarrassed about eating patterns
  • Continuously eating even after full (to the point of pain)
  • Feeling a lack of emotions when eating
  • Feeling like eating is the only way you can cope with high emotions

Whatever your personal struggle with food, Thriveworks Newark is excited to meet you and begin working with you.

Eating disorders are devastating, confusing, and isolating. They have high comorbid rates with other disorders like depression and anxiety. Thriveworks Newark believes recovery is a possibility for everyone, and we are going to walk with you until you get there! You deserve to live free of the confines of an eating disorder.

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