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We like to think of life as a linear line with a clear starting and ending point. The truth is much more complicated, and beautiful, than that. Life is layered with beginnings and endings. The start of something is the end of something else, and vice versa. This can be wonderful and terrifying, exhilarating and painful.

Divorce is often that terribly unexpected ending that you thought you made all the right moves to avoid. From the questioning to the divorce process to the aftermath, going through a divorce can feel isolating. In fact, it might feel like you have to go through it alone.

Thriveworks Newark counselors want you to know that this is a lie. You do not have to go through a divorce alone, and you do not have to recover from one alone either. Our professional Divorce counselors will be by your side every step of the way- the logistics, the mental health strain, and the adjustment afterwards. Together, we can build a future you’re excited about and energized to live.

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What Is Divorce Recovery Counseling?

Every divorce will look different. Every post-divorce lifestyle will look different, depending on hundreds of factors. So, Newark Divorce counseling strives to make sure that every counseling session is individualized to your needs, goals, and doubts. At divorce and divorce recovery therapy, the focus is on you.

The second tenant Newark counseling bases our practice on is research. The mental health field is growing every day, and we make sure to keep up to date on the latest techniques and science. There are three main areas that a professional counselor can help you with as you go through a divorce:

  1. Mental Health- Divorce can feel like a tsunami of stress, guilt, anger, fear, and relief all rolled into one. Maybe you’ve experienced harmful changes in sleeping or eating or have developed other unhealthy coping mechanisms. Maybe you feel yourself lashing out more often or sinking further into yourself. Whatever you are fighting, know that there is a way to live healthy and happy. Divorces are hard, but you are stronger. Together with a Newark divorce counselor, you can keep your emotional and mental wellbeing while blazing a path to your future.
  2. Logistical Issues- We wish mental health was the only thing you had to worry about during a divorce, but we know too well the barrage of decisions and changes that have to be made. Budgets, housing arrangements, friendships, family dynamics, vehicles, property, even the food you buy- all of it is changing. We can’t make these decisions for you, but we can be a nonbiased, outside source of encouragement and support to bounce ideas off of and help manage the load.
  3. Lifestyle Changes- For some people, divorce is the first step into freedom and the chance to finally mold the life they’ve always wanted. For others, it’s a painful, if necessary, step, and not all lifestyle changes that follow are welcomed. Then there’s everyone in between.

Whatever your feelings about the divorce are, the truth is that your life will change. When it does, a Newark divorce counselor will be there to help you shape it into the best possible life for yourself.

Is Divorce Counseling Right for Me?

There is a stigma around divorces that you have to go through it alone, and that accepting help is a sign of weakness. Afterall, aren’t you about to be expected to do things alone now? Isn’t a divorce the first step into that solidarity?

No! A divorce might mean separation from a spouse, but it should never mean separation from your support system. Thriveworks Newark counseling can be a part of that support system.

Asking for help is always a sign of strength, never weakness. Divorces are hard, they can be messy, but you and your strength, perseverance, and support system will come out of it stronger than before.

If you recognize these symptoms in yourself or a loved one, divorce counseling might be especially helpful:

  • Feeling like you can’t handle the pressure, stress, or high emotions
  • Difficulty finding joy in activities you used to love
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Unusually high levels of anger, depression, or anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Isolation from friends and family
  • Unusual eating habits (loss of appetite or uncontrollable eating)
  • Difficulty performing basic tasks

Endings are difficult, even if they are good or necessary. Thriveworks Newark will always be in your corner. Let’s learn from the past, enjoy the present, and grow into a brighter future.

Does Thriveworks Newark, DE Offer Divorce Counseling for Kids? What about Co-Parenting?

Yes, and Yes!

Going through a divorce with kids adds a whole new layer of stress and fear to it. It’s impossible to shield them completely- their lives are changing as well. However, rest assured that many studies have been done that prove two good homes are better than one unhealthy home. When your kids see you prioritizing your mental health and happiness, they will too. It won’t be easy, but a counselor can help them process their feelings so they can continue to live a healthy, happy life.

As a parent, it’s essential to continue to be a parent after a divorce. This can be difficult! Co-parenting is a whole new parenting style that you’ve suddenly been thrown into. But it is a wonderful, successful style that allows kids and parents to grow closer than ever. A divorce doesn’t mean you stop being a parent, it just means the way you parent might change. Newark divorce counselors are here to support you and your children.

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Nobody starts a journey thinking it’ll come to an abrupt end, but that’s the way some of our beginnings in life go. Remember that every ending is just a new beginning. It might be hard, but together you and your family can thrive.

To schedule an appointment or get more information, call Thriveworks Newark divorce counseling at 302-724-6662.

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