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The words “COVID,” “quarantine,” “stay-at-home,” and “vaccine” have made their way into our daily language. By now, it’s probably second nature to grab your mask as you walk out the door, or to check your temperature before heading into work. But beneath this placid surface of normalcy, there still exists the same undercurrent of uncertainty.

For many, questions of financial security, physical health, family, the future, employment, and mental health are only a few of the things on their mind.

Coronavirus anxiety is still a very present and very real threat. If you are still struggling with the stress this pandemic brings, you are not alone. And you are not weak! A world-wide pandemic with huge economic, personal, and mental health implications is not something you have to just “get over”. Every day will bring new stressors, and it is okay to feel anxious about these. Thriveworks Newark wants to remind you:

You are not alone.

We’ll say it again because it can be hard to believe:

You are not alone.

Is the future uncertain? Yes. Are you valid in your stress and concern? Of course. But you are not alone, and together, we will overcome the present struggle just as we have overcome all the other struggles this situation has thrown at us.

One of the first steps is to take care of your mental health. Research has shown that it’s harder to problem solve and think critically when you are in a state of constant stress or anxiety. So whatever external problems you are facing right now, Newark counselors are here to walk with you through them as we build a healthy mental and emotional state for you to thrive with.

If you see the following symptoms in yourself or a loved one, Newark counselors for coronavirus stress are here for you:

  • Obsessively checking the news
  • Stomach pains, trouble sleeping, or headaches
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Your thoughts have begun to loop around worst-case scenarios and all the things you should be doing.
  • Feeling constantly on edge (racing heart, jumpy, restless)
  • Feelings of dread as you start your day
  • Difficulty getting excited about your passions
  • Excessive worrying
  • Irritability
  • Hopelessness

These are only a few of the symptoms Newark counselors have seen in clients struggling with stress from the coronavirus pandemic. There are many more experiences you could be having, and they are all valid. Therapy can help. No matter what the external circumstances, you don’t have live with anxiety or chronic stress.

What Services Does Thriveworks Newark Offer?

Thriveworks Newark offers online counseling sessions to meet people from wherever they are at. We take coronavirus safety precautions seriously, just as we take your mental and behavioral health seriously. To best serve our community, we have two counseling options:

  • Online Counseling– A great way to meet with a licensed, experienced Newark counselor virtually! We use a safe, confidential video chat platform to meet with our clients from the comfort and safety of your home.
  • In-person Counseling– With a few modifications, in-person counseling can be a safe and viable option for those struggling with coronavirus anxiety. We require all clients and staff to always wear masks. Session rooms allow client and therapist to sit six feet apart. Our waiting rooms are currently closed to decrease the interaction clients have with each other. Every clinician must pass a health-screening test before seeing a client in-person, including a temperature check.

For more information on how to schedule a virtual counseling session, or about our in-office session safety, give us a call at phone.

Tips and Tricks for Managing Coronavirus-Related Stress and Anxiety

Counseling is a proven, effective way to help you handle stress and anxiety. Everyone could use counseling, no matter if your problem is seemingly big or small. However, it’s also important to help yourself. Building a healthy lifestyle requires making change to your routine and way of thinking. We can help with that, but here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Schedule times during the day you can check the news.Thirty minutes, or three 10-minute sessions is more than enough to stay up to date on the things you need to know while protecting your mental space.
  • Keep in contact with loved ones.Find the people that fill you up and give you energy and hang out with them! With technology, your loved ones are just a phone call away.
  • Upkeep healthy habits.There is no pressure to form new, big habits. The pandemic isn’t always the best place to get a six-pack or start your yoga habit. Look for the healthy habits you already have (or are close to doing), and home in on that. You’re more likely to succeed if the framework for a habit is already in your life.
  • Don’t forget to live!Dye your hair, bake a fancy cake, learn a new dance move, finish that construction project in your kitchen, finally learn how to make the perfect espresso, become a plant parent, don’t let your anxiety and coronavirus win, don’t forget to live. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is a scary situation, even after all these months. But it doesn’t have to stop us from living happy, healthy lives. If you want a little extra help in combatting anxiety and stress related to the coronavirus, give Thriveworks Newark a call at 302-724-6662. We have online counseling sessions and in-person sessions available today.

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