Get Depression Therapy at Thriveworks in Nampa, ID

Get Depression Therapy at Thriveworks in Nampa, ID

Benjamin walks his dog to the park every Sunday evening to watch the sun go down. He loves the routine, the cool air, and the sound of birds and insects chirping around him. But it seems different lately; Benjamin feels weighed down, moving slowly and numbly towards the park bench he used to love. Taking a seat, Benjamin reflects on just how unhappy he feels. It’s as though his emotions are about to overpower him. 

Benjamin’s been struggling to keep his mood up for the past several months, and after losing his mom last week, it feels like nothing will be okay again. He has his bulldog, Charlie for company, but other than that, Benjamin feels like he’s alone in the world with nowhere to go. While everything seems to be crashing down around him, Benjamin knows that something has to give. That’s why Benjamin wants to talk to a mental health professional, someone who can help him process his loss, and what he’s worried could be depression. 

If you’re like Benjamin and are feeling strained underneath the symptoms of what could be depression, contact Thriveworks in Nampa, ID to connect with our empathetic staff of providers. We’re ready to help you find the perfect therapist, counselor, or psychiatrist to treat your depression. Don’t let negative thoughts and emotions hold you back from living life to the fullest. 

How Can Thriveworks Help Treat My Depression?

At Thriveworks in Nampa, ID  our therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists can all treat depression. Each of these mental health professionals can help you cope with the symptoms of depression, but their treatment methods vary. For example, psychiatrists are: 

  • Medical doctors who are licensed to conduct therapy sessions 
  • Able to use helpful prescription medicine and therapy as needed to assist people 
  • Often a better option for those with more severe cases of depression

In comparison, counselors and psychologists can help clients cope with depression by: 

  • Creating a professional connection with their client to better understand their depression 
  • Serving as a verbal and emotional outlet for those burdened by this mood disorder
  • Using talk and behavioral therapy to implement coping strategies for clients

What Are the Different Types of Depression? 

“Depression” as we like to think of it actually refers to a group of closely related emotional disorders. There are many various forms of depression, but some types that our providers can help with include: 

  • Major depressive disorder: This condition captures the popular perception of depression. Those with major depression experience emotional detachment and hopelessness. These factors usually take away from their work, relationships and hobbies. 
  • Postpartum depression: Postpartum depression is a mood disorder that arises after a woman gives birth. Women who undergo caesarian sections or experience a miscarriage are even more likely to experience this type of depression.
  • Minor depression: As the name suggests, minor depression is related to major depression—it’s typically severe in its effect and duration. Still, those with this condition still will seem distant, withdrawn, or overwhelmed with sadness. Minor depression can be harder to detect. 
  •  Bipolar disorder: This mental health condition can alter someone’s emotions wildly, ranging from elation in one moment to overwhelming despair in the next. Those with bipolar disorder might find it hard to maintain close relationships or jobs due to their unpredictable mood swings. 

Schedule a Counseling, Therapy, or Psychiatry Session at Thriveworks in Nampa, ID

Getting help with the symptoms of depression doesn’t have to be difficult; at Thriveworks in Nampa, ID, we’ve made it as easy as possible. When you contact our office, you’ll be assisted by our scheduling specialists. They’re available seven days a week and can help with everything from booking your first session to helping find the perfect provider, even if there’s no one available locally. 

Plus, signing up for a Thriveworks membership with us unlocks an array of exclusive benefits, including: 

  • Online therapy: Meet with your provider virtually, and enjoy the freedom to do so from home or the office.
  • Our Therapy Buddy app: A personal progress assistant that helps track your journey as you attend therapy.
  • A digital copy of “Leaving Depression Behind”: A valuable resource that aims to help people recover from and cope with anxiety.
  • 23.5 hr cancellations
  • Same and next day sessions
  • Our Q/A chat line with Thriveworks life coaches to help you out in-between appointments. 

Don’t let depression claim another day. Call Thriveworks in Nampa, ID—our team of providers is ready to help you find solid ground. Call to get started and to be matched with a mental health professional, one with the experience and professional insight you need to start moving forward.

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