Online Counseling Opportunities in Manchester, CT—You Can Work with a Counselor Conveniently Online

Online Counseling Opportunities in Manchester, CT—You Can Work with a Counselor Conveniently Online

Many of us don’t like to broadcast our personal challenges to the world; others don’t even like to talk to their closest friends or family members about what they’re going through. Fortunately, there is always an unbiased, supportive individual who is there to listen to your problems or concerns and provide you with the guidance you might need to work through it.

Mental health professionals, like counselors, therapists, life coaches, and psychologists, are dedicated to helping people just like you. Better yet, they are skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in the world of mental health and psychology, which enables them to offer help that can’t be matched. At Thriveworks, our providers are happy to provide their clients with this help in-person or in an online environment.

The latter is proving to become a more popular option, as people thrive in this convenient, flexible, and comfortable approach. If you’re interested in how online counseling might help you, consider scheduling an appointment with one of the counselors or coaches at Thriveworks Counseling in Manchester, CT. 

What Is Online Counseling Like? Can It Help Me?

Online counseling isn’t much different from in-person counseling. The one major difference is that in online counseling, you talk to your counselor via an online medium. Here at Thriveworks Counseling, we have two online counseling options for our clients: telephone counseling and video counseling. Both prove to be effective, but some prefer one over the other. For example, some people prefer that they can see their counselor and talk to them “face-to-face”, which is supported by video counseling but not telephone counseling.

Regardless of whether you choose telephone or video counseling, we’re confident that you’ll enjoy the online counseling approach, of which the majority of our clients are utilizing. Here are a few areas in which our clients are finding help:

  • Stress
  • Work problems
  • Lack of fulfillment
  • Relationship problems
  • Mental illness
  • Familial conflicts
  • General discontent
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Grief and loss

All of the above can prove incredibly difficult to address and manage. However, with the help of a skilled, caring counselor or coach, you can do so successfully. In fact, if you choose to work with a Thriveworks provider, they will set out to help you thrive. And they will do so through depression therapy, anxiety therapy, marriage counseling, couples therapy, family therapy, child therapy, trauma counseling, grief counseling, or another modality that proves to be a good fit for you.

Why Should I Choose Thriveworks?

Thriveworks isn’t just another counseling practice. We are a client-centered practice, which means we put our clients first. We are always aiming to improve the client experience; from the moment they schedule an appointment or reach out about our services to the work that they accomplish with their counselor in every session. Our premium benefits allow us to offer a heightened experience, which include:

  1. Extended appointment times: We offer both early and late sessions, throughout the week and on the weekends.
  2. First appointment within 24-48 hours: We also work hard to get first-time clients in for their first appointment either the same or next day.
  3. Text support via our Success Navigator: To better ensure that our clients are having a positive experience, we will follow up via the Success Navigator to ask about how you are enjoying your time with your counselor.
  4. Most major insurance plans accepted: We know that payment is an important factor, which is why our counselors are credentialed with most major insurance companies. In addition, we have affordable self-pay options if you choose to pay out-of-pocket.

Thriveworks Counseling is happy to offer these benefits and more. Our main goal is to help people live happy, successful lives, and we will continue to fulfill that mission by connecting our clients with skilled, caring mental health professionals. 

Schedule an Online Counseling Appointment at Thriveworks in Manchester, CT

You can begin this important work with a mental health professional at Thriveworks Counseling in Manchester, CT today. To schedule your appointment, simply use our online booking widget. You can read about each counselor, including their specialties, and then decide who you would like to move forward with.

If you need assistance with scheduling, please don’t hesitate to call us. Our scheduling team would be happy to help you.

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