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Mental Health Services in Manchaca, TX—Counseling and Therapy

Here at Thriveworks, we pride ourselves on providing premium mental health services. The counselors, therapists, and life coaches at Thriveworks possess an impressive set of skills and extensive experience, which enable them to best serve their clients. These providers assist individuals in managing a range of challenges: from mental illnesses—like depression, anxiety, and PTSD—to relationship issues, career changes, grief, and so many others.

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” –African Proverb

Asking for help is often difficult—but it proves important. If you are struggling with any of the above issues, or another issue entirely, reach out to Thriveworks Manchaca. Our providers want to help you thrive in life. In fact, that’s our mission at Thriveworks: to help people live happier, more successful lives. This might involve learning coping mechanisms for stress, better managing the symptoms of a mental illness, talking with your partner about your relationship concerns, or deciding to take the plunge and embark on a new career path. In summary, a counselor, therapist, or life coach at Thriveworks Manchaca will work to understand the challenge you face and help you overcome it. Does this sound like something you’re interested in? If you are in the Manchaca, TX area, call today to schedule an appointment.

Should I See a Counselor? How Can They Help Me?

We believe that everyone can benefit from working with a mental health professional, whether it be a counselor, therapist, or life coach. This depends on your situation, as well as your goals for treatment. We already mentioned a few specific challenges that the providers at Thriveworks can help with, but here is a list of common issues discussed in counseling:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Relationship problems
  • Career changes
  • Major life transitions
  • Grief and loss
  • Negative thoughts
  • Bad habits
  • Feelings of loneliness

The counselors, therapists, and life coaches at Thriveworks Manchaca are committed to helping you address these problems (or other problems) and live a happier, healthier life than before. They have the skills and caring nature to make your therapeutic experience a positive one. Here are a few examples of how they might help a client with their presenting problem:

  1. Jane has a hard time opening herself up to new experiences. She knows what she likes and despises change—which makes moving to a new city incredibly difficult. Every morning when she steps out of her new townhome, she feels her anxiety skyrocket. The walk to work is unfamiliar and she can’t find any comfort. She thinks that having a few good friends in the city would help her tremendously but has yet to meet any people with similar interests. After a few weeks of sulking and dealing with this crippling anxiety, she decides to work with a counselor. Quickly, her counselor helps her identify and implement helpful techniques for managing her anxiety. Furthermore, together, Jane and her counselor come up with some ideas for making new friends, like getting a membership to the yoga studio down the street. Within a few weeks, Jane has met a few girls that she enjoys spending time with. She finally feels hopeful about her new adventure.
  2. Maggie and Trevor started dating exactly three months ago. They share some common interests, like checking out local music, art, and breweries. But they’ve yet to connect on a deeper level. Maggie grows concerned that they don’t have the connection a serious, committed relationship needs to function well. After bringing up this concern to Trevor, they decide that they care enough about each other to consult a couples counselor. After Maggie and Trevor explain this issue, their counselor helps them explore deep feelings and leads conversation about their vision for the future. After a few sessions, Maggie and Trevor come to the difficult conclusion that they are not the best match for each other. While they’re sad to say goodbye, they both know it’s the right decision and go on to meet partners who better suit their needs.

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Mental health services help millions of Americans reach a greater potential and live an overall happier life. In fact, 4 in 10 adults in the US utilize counseling and report overwhelmingly positive experiences. If you think that you could find value in working with a mental health professional—be it a counselor, therapist, or life coach—and you live in the Manchaca area, reach out to Thriveworks Manchaca. We offer individual counseling, couples counseling, family therapy, life coaching and more.

To schedule a session with one of our providers, all you have to do is give us a call. A scheduling specialist will greet you on the other end of the phone, ask you a few basic (but essential) questions, and then get you set up with the provider who can best help you. We look forward to hopefully working with you soon!

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