Anxiety Therapy Services in Joliet, IL

Anxiety Therapy Services in Joliet, IL

Thomas works as a project manager for a local non-profit, Most of the time, it’s a rewarding job, but sometimes, project deadlines manage to trigger her anxiety. Thomas knows that he can’t let his job’s busy days suck him in like they do, but she’s not sure how she can counteract the stress. Sometimes the stress at work is so bad, that he doesn’t eat lunch—and suffers from insomnia on many nights. 

But instead of struggling with his anxiety by himself, Thomas wants to talk to a mental health professional. He’s hopeful that if she opens up to a provider, they’ll offer him support and guidance as they work together to manage the symptoms of his anxiety. Seeking mental health services isn’t something he’s done in the past, but  Thomas knows that if he keeps avoiding his anxiety, it will keep snowballing.

Like Thomas, you may also feel like your walls are closing in and your anxiety has you trapped. You’re not alone, though; Thriveworks in Joliet, IL is ready to help you find relief from your anxiety. With the assistance of one of our therapists, counselors, or psychiatrists, you can get professional support as you start to address and counteract the symptoms of your anxiety. Uninsured residents can access Thriveworks’ mental health services here, while residents with insurance can schedule an appointment here (where any out-of-pocket expenses will be covered).

Do I Have Anxiety? What Are the Symptoms? 

Anxiety disorders, like many other mental health conditions, will have different symptoms for each person. That’s why it’s important not to diagnose yourself with an anxiety disorder, even if it’s easy to check all the boxes. Instead, if you think you have a clinical anxiety disorder, it’s important that you talk with a mental health professional to be diagnosed and treated. When left unchecked, anxiety disorders can wreak havoc on our personal lives and emotional wellbeing. 

Some common symptoms of clinical anxiety include: 

  • Insomnia
  • Disturbing dreams
  • Constantly feeling stressed 
  • Desire to avoid social encounters 
  • Racing thoughts, inability to focus on daily tasks 
  • Constant fatigue
  • Reliving traumatic experiences in dreams or flashbacks  
  • And many other symptoms 

Even if your experience with anxiety is different than what’s listed, trust that you’ll be able to still talk and explain your perspective and symptoms with one of our providers. By doing so, you’ll be opening the door to personalized care—just another way that Thriveworks puts its clients first. 

Can a Counselor Help with Anxiety?

Absolutely. If you are experiencing anxiety, your treatment plan will be designed to help you cope and mitigate the harmful effects of anxiety on your wellbeing. Though anxiety is a disorder that affects every person differently, some common signs and symptoms of anxiety include: 

  • Difficulty sleeping 
  • Irrational fears or fixation on imaginary situations 
  • Racing thoughts 
  • Fatigue 
  • Nausea
  • Chronic health conditions like IBS, acid reflux, or autoimmune disorders

Our providers help everyday people like you experience relief and newfound enjoyment from being able to better cope with and understand their anxiety. For some, connecting with one of our psychologists (also referred to as a therapist or counselor) is most beneficial. These types of mental health professionals assist clients through: 

  • Helping family members or partners understand their loved one’s anxiety through relationship therapy or family counseling 
  • Using talk therapy or behavioral therapy to promote self-awareness 
  • Developing coping mechanisms to use in real-life, anxiety-inducing situations 

Taking proactive steps toward prioritizing your mental health can give you a big boost. Just think about it: taking the time to balance out our mental health needs allows us to be more present during the moments and situations that define our lives and ourselves. 

Schedule Therapy or a Psychiatric Session at Thriveworks in Joliet, IL

There’s no need to let your anxiety hold you back from living life to the fullest. If connecting with one of our providers to get the mental health resources you need interests you, we hope you’ll contact our office in Joliet, IL. When you do, you’ll be assisted by our scheduling specialists. 

Anxiety disorders affect our mood and behavior, and they’re often disruptive forces that disconnect us from the people and things that we’re closest to. If finding relief from your anxiety is something that you believe could benefit your mental health, consider connecting with a provider at Thriveworks in Joliet, IL. Our mental health professionals can offer a therapist’s perspective on anxiety and personalized methods to help cope. 

Uninsured residents can access Thriveworks’ mental health services here, while residents with insurance can schedule an appointment here (where any out-of-pocket expenses will be covered).

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