Depression Therapy in Huntington Beach, CA

Depression Therapy in Huntington Beach, CA

Rachel knows that she’s been spiraling downward for the past several months. Her usual hobbies and activities haven’t interested her, and neither has spending time with friends or her partner. While everything seems to be getting worse by the day, Rachel is stuck spinning her wheels, hoping she’ll eventually wake up feeling better. 

Rachel knows that she can’t continue to avoid what she’s feeling, and because of the sadness that’s persisted for several weeks, Rachel wonders if she could be depressed. That’s why she’s scheduling depression therapy—Rachel hopes that by opening up to a therapist or counselor about the mental health challenges she’s faced with, she’ll be able to start reclaiming her daily life back from the painful thoughts and emotions she’s been coping with. 

You might also be experiencing painful symptoms of depression, including sadness apathy, or a deep sense of emptiness. Though these sensations can seem overwhelming, you’re not alone. At Thriveworks in Huntington Beach, CA our mental health professionals can help you manage the symptoms of your depression. Find a source of support by connecting with one of our psychologists or psychiatrists.

Do I Have Depression? What Does It Feel Like?

Depression, like many other mental health conditions, has different triggers depending on the individual. As a result, the symptoms of depression may vary, as well. This is one of the reasons why attempting to self-diagnose isn’t a good idea—only a licensed mental health professional can do that. Still, there are several common signs that may indicate you’re depressed, including: 

  • Distancing oneself from loved ones and friends 
  • Overeating or avoiding eating 
  • Lack of self-care (i.e. personal hygiene or a clean living environment)
  • Drug or alcohol abuse to cope with emotional pain 
  • A noted lack of interest in sex, hobbies, or relationships
  • Decreased work performance
  • Feeling chronically fatigued   

When you’re experiencing emotional turmoil from depression, only a trained professional, like one of our providers at Thriveworks in Huntington Beach, CA, can give you an accurate mental health diagnosis. And the more you share with your mental health professional, the better able they will be to help you manage your mental health needs. Open up about your depression—one of our providers is ready to listen.  

Who Should I Talk to about My Depression?

Because of the severity of depression as a mental health condition, and its potential to cause harm to the sufferer, our psychologists and psychiatrists are often the preferred providers for assisting in managing depression. While both can help treat depression, their treatment methods vary. More severe cases of depression are often treated by psychiatrists, while more easily managed cases can be treated with the assistance of a psychologist. 

Psychiatrists are: 

  • Medical doctors who are also licensed to conduct therapy sessions 
  • Able to use helpful prescription medicine and therapy as needed to assist people 

Psychologists help those with depression by: 

  • Using talk and behavioral therapy to implement coping strategies for clients 
  • Creating a professional connection with their client to better understand their depression 
  • Serving as a verbal and emotional outlet for those burdened by this mood disorder

Whichever mental health professional you’re paired with, you’ll start working with them to reduce the harmful effects of depression on your daily life and emotional wellbeing. 

Type of Depression 

There are many forms of depression and symptoms often vary, depending on the individual. Still, some common types of depression that our providers can help to treat include: 

  • Major depression: This is what most people think of when they hear the word “depression.” This disorder causes emotional detachment, sadness, hopelessness, and apathy. 
  • Minor depression: As the name implies, this is less severe than major depression but just as harmful. Because those with this disorder may go long periods without feeling depressed, identifying what’s triggering their sadness can be difficult for those with minor depression.
  • Postpartum depression: Postpartum depression affects women who’ve given birth; those who underwent caesarian sections or had a miscarriage are at higher risk. This disorder can onset immediately or months after childbirth. 
  • Bipolar disorder: Bipolar disorder can cause depression when the mood swings that it causes fluctuate. Those with bipolar disorder may feel extremely happy for a minute, and furious or dejected in the next.

Schedule Depression Therapy at Thriveworks in Huntington Beach, CA

Thriveworks in Huntington Beach, CA  is ready to pair you with a provider that has the experience and professional insight you need to help you cope with depression. Call us to schedule your first session—you’ll be assisted by our scheduling specialists. They’re available to provide support seven days a week and can help you with everything from booking your first session to helping find the perfect provider. When you’ve finished enrolling, you’ll unlock an array of exclusive benefits, including: 

  • High touch support from our scheduling specialists, seven days a week 
  • Same and next-day sessions to help you manage your depression symptoms 
  • Full 50-60 minute session times so you can effectively process your emotions 
  • Email communication with your provider outside of sessions as needed 

Give Thriveworks in Huntington Beach, CA a call—we’re ready to help. Don’t let depression call the shots in your life. Take the time to consider whether you could benefit from talking with a psychologist or psychiatrist at Thriveworks about your depression symptoms. 

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