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While mental health issues are extremely prevalent, many people with diagnosable mental and emotional disorders do not seek the services of a licensed professional. Some may be uncomfortable admitting that they have a problem while others may feel intimidated by the idea of therapy. Some people aren’t sure whether their symptoms are severe enough to warrant seeking professional support.

Perhaps you’re struggling with a mental health issue and can relate to one of these reasons. Or maybe you want to prioritize your mental health but it’s difficult finding time in your schedule for in-person therapy appointments.

When it comes to asking for help with a mental or emotional disorder, the first step is often the hardest to take. That’s why we offer online therapy appointments at Thriveworks so you can get the mental health services you need without ever stepping foot inside an office. All you need is a comfortable and quiet space along with an internet or phone connection.

It’s easy to make online therapy a part of your routine and we offer unparalleled appointment flexibility with appointments on weekdays, evenings, and even weekends. If you’ve wanted to speak to a licensed therapist or counselor, there’s no need to put it off any longer. Help is available at Thriveworks Counseling in Fayetteville, AR.

What Types of Therapy Are Offered Online?

Talk therapy is highly effective when performed over a video connection or by phone. Many clients find that it isn’t much different from traditional therapy except for how you access your therapist.

At Thriveworks Counseling, we offer a wide variety of online therapy services. These are just a few:

  • Depression therapy and anxiety therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Life coaching and career counseling
  • Marriage counseling and couples therapy
  • PTSD counseling and trauma therapy
  • Family therapy and child therapy
  • Stress and anger management
  • Grief and loss counseling

If you’re going through a difficult time and want to speak to an experienced mental health professional, online therapists are here to help at Thriveworks Counseling in Fayetteville, AR.

The Benefits of Online Therapy

Getting help with mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders doesn’t have to be difficult. Thanks to online counseling, speaking to a licensed counselor is as easy as opening up a video chat or picking up your phone.

Phone calls and video sessions are both viable options and there are various reasons you may find one preferable over the other. Video chatting is a popular choice because it’s easier for some to build a trusting relationship with their counselor or therapist when they can make eye contact. Your therapist can also read your body language and pick up on nuanced non-verbal communication cues during the course of your appointments

Phone therapy is ideal if you don’t have a high-speed internet connection or wish to remain more mobile. For some, home isn’t always the most comfortable place. A phone call may make it easier for you to obtain therapy while on a lunch break or while sitting in a park. If you lack a capable device or find technology intimidating, phone therapy still offers many of the same benefits as other therapy services.

No matter which option you choose, online therapy offers an opportunity to make your mental health a priority from the comfort of your home. This is critical for people who may not have access to a car or easy public transportation. Others who live in remote areas or have busy schedules may also find scheduling online therapy sessions more manageable.

If you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or another mental health issue, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Thriveworks Counseling in Fayetteville, AR.

Schedule an Online Counseling Session at Thriveworks in Fayetteville, AR

At Thriveworks Counseling, we believe in the transformative power of mental health counseling and strive to make these services as accessible as possible. This is why, for both in-person and virtual therapy, we are extremely flexible with scheduling, offering weekday, weekend, and evening sessions. New clients can even meet with a mental health provider within 24 hours of reaching out.

We take most major forms of health insurance and offer many additional (and exclusive) benefits to make your therapy experience as effective and seamless as possible. Some of the perks of becoming a Thriveworks client include:

  • Scheduling support via text message
  • Access to your counselor via phone or email between sessions
  • 24-hour Q&A with a life improvement coach
  • Exclusive video content from mental health experts
  • A highly flexible cancelation policy

If you’d like to speak to a social worker, psychiatrist, or another licensed mental health professional online, make an appointment today at Thriveworks Counseling in Fayetteville, AR to get started.

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