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Every family has its own unique dynamics and struggles. Factors such as environment, finances, health, and size can impact the way family systems grow and communicate. It can be easy to take familial relationships for granted but the nature of those relationships can have a sizable impact on your mental health and happiness.

The truth is, many family issues often go unresolved. Some might find it hard to address problems with family members out of fear of making them worse while others may internalize an ongoing issue as being beyond hope.

However, left untreated, these problems can worsen over time and become even more difficult to resolve, to the detriment of all involved. If you feel apprehensive about spending time with family or sense that a major life event has changed your family dynamic, it may be worth considering professional help.

In these cases and many more, family counseling can help restore harmony within your family and build communications skills necessary for everyone to thrive. Confronting major issues can be challenging but you and your family don’t have to do so on your own.

The mental health professionals at Thriveworks in Bentonville, AR offer therapy and counseling services for families to overcome challenges, improve communication, and grow together.

When Is the Right Time To Seek Family Therapy?

Family situations are complicated so it’s no surprise that people seek family therapy for different reasons. A marriage and family therapist is trained to handle a variety of issues, often with the intent of resolving a specific problem in the short term. Beyond this, family therapists can also address ongoing problems that have been occurring for months or even years.

Though it is not required for every family member to be present during therapy, family therapy is at its best when all relevant members are willing and able to participate. At the start of family counseling, a mental health professional will aim to identify the issues that have led a family to seek therapy and determine the best course of treatment from there.

Common reasons for a family to attend therapy include:

  • Communication issues
  • Divorce or separation
  • Substance abuse
  • Behavioral issues
  • Death or loss in the family
  • Moving or other significant life changes
  • Remarriage or blending of families

Whatever your situation might be, family counseling with Thriveworks in Bentonville, AR can help you find a path forward that fits your needs.

How Does Family Therapy Work?

Though the exact structure of family therapy sessions may vary, you can generally expect some combination of a few common components.

The first thing a family therapist will typically do for you is identify the challenges your family faces. Rather than taking sides, a therapist is dedicated to approaching the problem as something for your family to face together, rather than assigning blame to a particular party.

In addition to examining any factors that may contribute to discord or distress among a family, a therapist will evaluate your family’s existing problem-solving and communication techniques, which may contribute to difficulty in overcoming challenges. Often, questions related to how members of the family perceive each other are critical in giving a therapist the insight necessary to formulate a treatment plan.

In some cases, a direct response to solving particularly problematic issues may be warranted. However, most family therapists will also seek to delve into a family’s styles of emotional attachment, communication, and conflict avoidance to better define family dynamics and balance of power. From there, a therapist might address the unhealthy patterns that lead to conflict and strive to rework them into skills a family can use to collaborate to solve problems in the long-term.

Family therapy may involve a variable number of sessions depending on the scope of issues, number of family members, and need for individual attention.

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At Thriveworks in Bentonville, AR, we believe that every family situation is unique, as are the specific treatment plans that will help turn your lives around. As such, we are committed to providing quality counseling services for your entire family system. We understand that coordinating multiple schedules can be its own challenge, which is why we offer evening and weekend sessions as well as telehealth appointments by phone or video chat. In addition, we accept many different insurance plans.

Thriveworks also offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Scheduling through the Success Navigator app
  • Further support through our Therapy Buddy app
  • Community discussion moderated by mental health experts
  • “Ask-a-coach” 24-hour Q&A

Give us a call and you could meet your counselor in as little as 24 hours. If you’re interested in building happier and healthier family connections, Thriveworks in Bentonville, AR can help.

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