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Is your relationship lacking intimacy? Are you and your partner struggling to connect? Does every conversation turn into a fight? A couples therapist at Thriveworks Fairfield can help.

Another important question is have you ever considered working with a couples therapist? Couples therapy is designed to help couples work through the issues specific to their relationship. It also helps to equip couples with essential tools for working through future issues and maintaining an overall happy, healthy relationship.

If you think that you and your partner could benefit from this service, reach out to Thriveworks Counseling in Fairfield, CT at (203) 433-3563. One of our scheduling specialists will set you up with a couples therapist at Thriveworks Counseling in Fairfield, CT​ as soon as possible. We have extended hours to best accommodate all of our clients.

What Is Couples Therapy? How Does It Work?

Couples therapy is a form of therapy, aimed at helping couples to address any issues and improve their overall relationship. Married couples, recently engaged couples, and even new couples can benefit from working with a couples therapist; these couples might have serious problems that threaten their relationship, such as jealousy or financial issues, or they might simply be interested in learning tools for resolving problems they run into in the future.

This form of therapy is led by couples therapists, such as licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT), who have gained specific experience working with a wide range of couples.  If you decide to work with one of the couples therapists at Thriveworks Fairfield your therapist will get to know you and your partner and then customize your treatment plan to best help your relationship. This will depend on your relationship needs as well as your specific goals for therapy. Your therapist might choose to utilize techniques from emotionally focused couples therapy, couples therapy worksheets, and other couples therapy exercises:

  1. What is emotionally focused couples therapy? This approach to therapy hones in on poor communication habits and views love as an “attachment bond.” Love gives one a sense of comfort and security. The therapist uses this theory as a map for what each individual needs in their relationship.
  2. What are couples therapy worksheets? These are used in couples therapy to help couples get to know each other better and really explore their bond. Each individual will answer questions like: What’s on your significant other’s bucket list? What does your partner love and hate about their job? How did your partner feel today? These questions will bring the two of you closer together.
  3. What other couples therapy exercise can I expect? Your couples therapist will likely incorporate various techniques into your therapy experience. They might focus on teaching you and your partner effective communication tools or helping you to identify change-oriented interventions that could benefit your relationship.

Who Should Seek Couples Therapy?

Here at Thriveworks Counseling in Fairfield, CT we believe that all couples can find some value in working with a couples therapist. You can learn incredibly helpful strategies for maintaining a happy, healthy relationship, regardless of the current state of your relationship. “Couples Therapy can take many forms,” says Juliette Zuckerman, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at the Thriveworks office in Fairfield. “One or both partners may have unresolved interpersonal issues that may be affecting the current relationship.  Couples therapy may explore attachment bonds, and whether those bonds are secure or insecure.  Therapy may uncover unhealthy communication or behavioral patterns and seek to alter those patterns.  In addition, topics regarding intimacy, infidelity, as well as family-of-origin may be addressed. Couples therapy can clarify goals for the relationship, especially if a couple is unsure whether to continue to work on improving their partnership or to determine that a separation might be the best course of action.”

The moral of the story is if you and your partner are open to working with a couples therapist, you will likely benefit from doing so. Your therapist will construct your experience around your relationship needs and goals, which might involve working through the following common relationship issues:

  • Jealousy or trust issues
  • Financial strain
  • Infidelity
  • Different visions for the future
  • Disagreements in parenting
  • Opposing values or beliefs
  • Communication errors

Every couple will run into conflict. The good news is that if you work through the conflict properly, it can bring the two of you closer together. And a couples therapist at Thriveworks Counseling can help you do just that.

Schedule Couples Therapy at Thriveworks Counseling in Fairfield, CT

If you’re ready to schedule a couples therapy appointment, give Thriveworks Counseling in Fairfield, CT a call at (203) 433-3563. We offer quick, flexible scheduling options, which includes extended hours on the weekends and in the evenings. We do everything we can to ensure that you can schedule an appointment with one of the skilled, caring mental health professionals at Thriveworks Counseling in Fairfield, CT.

We look forward to helping you and your partner build a happier, healthier relationship. Schedule couples therapy at Thriveworks Counseling in Fairfield, CT whenever you’re ready. We’ll be here.

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