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Thriveworks Cedar Park, TX has a very important mission, which informs all of our counselors’ hard work. This is to help the Cedar Park community live better. We all experience life issues, be it a mental health problem, an unhealthy relationship, the loss of a loved one, loneliness and isolation. And more often than not, we can better address and resolve these problems with a little bit of help.

Here at Thriveworks Cedar Park, we understand that fitting a therapy appointment into your schedule isn’t always the easiest undertaking. Additionally, we recognize there are other challenges that might stand in your way such as the fear of judgment or the lack of accessibility to a counselor with the right skills and experience. Fortunately, there is a counseling option that proves to be the solution for many of these challenges: online counseling.

Thriveworks Cedar Park offers online counseling by phone and video. You can work with a skilled, caring professional from our team, right at home. Online counseling is the equivalent to convenient, flexible, comfortable mental health care. And we can’t wait for you to experience these benefits for yourself. To schedule your first online counseling session, call us at (512) 842-5168.

What Is Online Counseling? How Can It Help Me?

We’ve already explained the basics, but to delve in further online counseling is the more convenient alternative to traditional in-person counseling. While some people have no problem making it in for their regular in-person sessions, others struggle to make it work. Online counseling, also called internet counseling, e-therapy, and virtual therapy, is the perfect solution for these individuals who can’t commit to meeting with their therapist in-person. Now, if you decide to utilize online counseling at Thriveworks Cedar Park, you’ll get to choose whether you work with your counselor in telephone counseling or video counseling.

Both telephone counseling and video counseling are effective, beneficial forms of online counseling. It all comes down to your personal preferences and unique needs. If you’re looking for that face-to-face interaction you see in in-person counseling, you might want to consider video counseling over phone counseling. If, however, you’d rather leave that face-to-face interaction out of the equation, phone counseling is probably the right option for you! Either way, you can expect to make meaningful and important progress with your counselor via virtual means.

Online Counseling Benefits: What Are They?

Time and time again, people find that online counseling is the beneficial mental health service they’ve been searching for. It can prove especially effective if you’re working with a super busy, tight schedule or you’d simply prefer a more convenient counseling option. Let’s talk a little bit about some benefits that are specific to online counseling:

  1. It’s convenient and comfortable: People refer to online counseling as the “convenient and comfortable” alternative to in-person counseling. Why? Because you get to attend your counseling sessions from home. How much more convenient and comfortable can you get?
  2. It’s just as effective: Online counseling is just as effective as in-person counseling, too. Research shows that people find it just as beneficial. That said, some people find that online counseling just isn’t working for them and that they prefer in-person counseling. That’s okay too! But you’ll never know until you try it, will you?
  3. It’s a reliable service: To round out the list of benefits, online counseling is a reliable mental health service too. You don’t have to worry about cancelling (or rescheduling) your counseling session because you’ve hit traffic or you don’t want to leave your house in the middle of a storm. Online counseling removes these potential problems from the equation.

Thriveworks Cedar Park, TX is more than happy to help people conquer their challenges and improve their overall mental health. If you see the value that you could find in online counseling, just call Thriveworks Cedar Park. Our counselors are here for you and ready to step in to help. You can reach us at (512) 842-5168. We look forward to your call! And our counselors look forward to helping you in phone counseling or video counseling.

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