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Are you and your spouse feeling stuck? Are you focusing on an issue in your marriage but feeling unsure about how to move past it? Burlington MA couples counseling might be the answer. Experiencing marriage problems isn’t uncommon, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to deal with or don’t require professional help.

Having trouble wrapping your brain around going to couples therapy? Consider it a smart investment in your marriage. After all, you look after your physical health and get your car serviced—why wouldn’t you devote attention to maintaining your relationship as well?

Common Issues for Married Couples

You might be surprised to know that many married couples experience the same types of issues. Of course, the circumstances are unique to each partnership, but therapists have seen common themes regarding:

  • Worries or mistrust about infidelity
  • Anger management and poor communication
  • Disagreements about how to raise the children
  • Arguments about spending or budgeting
  • Interference from other family members
  • Career prospects or woes and associated problems.

Of course, what’s coming between you and your partner might be something completely different, and Burlington MA marital therapists can help with it, too. Our discreet and non-judgmental support is ideal for resolving whatever you’re dealing with.

Stats in Support of Therapy

If you’re still unsure whether marriage therapy is worthwhile, you may wish to consider these numbers:

  • Recently, 97% of couples surveyed by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists stated counseling successfully helped them resolve their marriage issues
  • Of those couples, 93% also felt that therapy helped empower them with the right tools for solving marital woes in the future.

The Relationship Rollercoaster

Of course, it’s normal for relationships to have their ups and downs throughout the years. What’s concerning is when the lows start to vastly outnumber the highs. Do you feel as though you’re going up and down on a volatile relationship rollercoaster?

The tough moments don’t always come in with a bang (or a fast drop) either. Yes, you may be dealing with one big, sudden problem, but many couples accumulate lots of little worries over time.

Couples dealing with a variety of small issues also have a tendency to put off or dismiss the idea of therapy, too. They don’t think their situation warrants it, until the problems start adding up and feeling worse and worse.

Why delay your potential happiness? The AAMFT advises that couples who head to therapy sooner are more likely to experience a successful resolution of their issues. Don’t stay on that rollercoaster ride any longer than you have to.

The Benefits of Thriveworks Burlington MA Couples Counseling

Still not sure if therapy is the answer for you and your spouse? These pointers may encourage you to give it a try:

  • Professional counselors are experts at getting you moving when you feel stuck, making counseling ideal for partners who know what’s wrong but not how to fix it
  • Regardless of the outcome, counseling is ideal if you want to feel like you’ve given your marriage another whole-hearted try
  • Seeing a counselor is a brilliant way of gaining problem-solving and communication skills for the future
  • Attending counseling can help you better understand who your partner is and what motivates him or her.

Working on a Managed Outcome

Of course, sometimes divorce is the only real option left. Despite good intentions or active involvement in therapy, some couples may realize they’re better off going their separate ways.

Lately, we’re far more willing to admit when our marriages are struggling, actively seeking the support that we need. We also tend to feel more empowered to admit when things are no longer working out. The stigma associated with divorce is fading, with fewer obligations to stay together to keep up appearances when divorce might actually be the healthiest choice.

Even when divorce is on the cards, some couples still actively seek out the help of Thriveworks Burlington MA couples counseling to help sort out their differences and work through the transition together. Pursuing a less contentious separation is also ideal if you’ll be co-parenting children and can expect to have future interactions with one another.

Of course, no one expects that their marriage will end up in divorce, but sometimes it happens; addressing your issues in a supportive, safe environment can make one of the most challenging times in your life that little bit easier.

The Tools for Healthy Relationships

Whether you need to gain some skills that will help you work through your differences and move forward positively together; or your goal is to minimize anger and resentment as you separate, Burlington MA marital therapists are here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out and see what we can offer to help you improve the state of your marriage.

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