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Tom feels that his life isn’t quite as exciting or fulfilling as he’d like. He has a good job, he goes to the gym regularly, and he has a wife whom he loves dearly. However, he hasn’t felt thrilled or motivated lately, and it’s causing him to feel a little down. Tom decides to consult a life coach to see what he can do about this lack of excitement, fulfillment, and motivation. After a couple of sessions, he realizes that he isn’t being personally exhilarated or fulfilled. He starts to paint again, an old joy of his, and even displays his art at local restaurants. Quickly, Tom feels rejuvenated and happy about his life again.

“A good Coach asks great questions to help you remove the obstacles in your mind and to get you back on track in life.” –Farshad Asl

As you can see from the example above, life coaches specialize in helping people consult the current state of their lives and decide which area could use improvement. Ultimately, a life coach can help you find greater happiness, excitement, fulfillment in life—whatever crucial ingredient you happen to be lacking.

Our life coaches at Thriveworks Counseling in Lexington, MA assist people of all ages and backgrounds. They can help you improve your life and achieve your greatest goals. These professionals are licensed professionals who are truly qualified to help. To schedule your first appointment, just call (781) 786-7267. Our scheduling team will get you set up for your first in-person or online life coaching appointment.

How Can Life Coaching Benefit My Life?

Thriveworks Counseling in Lexington, MA has life coaches who are ready to assist and support you, as they do with all of their clients! These professionals focus on several important areas: growth, success, and fulfillment. Refer to our example above. Tom’s life coach guided him in understanding why he lacked excitement and fulfillment. Then, he helped him to determine changes he could make to improve his situation. The life coaches want to help you accomplish these same goals and can offer you these benefits:

  • They will use their skills, knowledge, and experience to guide you
  • They will assist you in identifying which areas of life are lacking
  • They will help you set, work toward, and achieve your goals
  • They will serve as your accountability partner
  • They will continue to encourage you throughout the process
  • They will help you grow and succeed in life

If you’re interested in experiencing the above benefits and think that you could find value in working with one of our life coaches, reach out to Thriveworks Counseling in Lexington, MA today. We can get you scheduled right away for an in-person or online life coaching appointment.

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Yes, a life coach can actually help you find success and grow well in life. The life coaches at Thriveworks in Lexington, MA help their clients find greater personal as well as professional development. And they’re empowered to do so, as they have the proper knowledge, skills, and training to do so.

If you’re considering scheduling a life coaching appointment at Thriveworks, it’s important that you know about our premium counseling benefits. In addition to working with the best of the best mental health professionals in the area, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  1. Quick, flexible scheduling: Here at Thriveworks, we pride ourselves on offering fast and flexible appointments. In other words, when you call to set up your appointment, we’ll have many options for you to choose from including evenings and weekends. Additionally, we can oftentimes get you scheduled for a same or next-day appointment.
  2. Online counseling opportunities: Also, we offer online counseling and life coaching! You don’t have to come in for your appointment. You can attend your appointments from the comfort and convenience of home, if you prefer.

The benefits don’t stop there. To start enjoying these and additional benefits, schedule your first life coaching appointment today. We’ll be here to answer your calls to (781) 786-7267. And we’ll get you all set up with your life coach as soon as possible.

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