How to Deal with Addiction – Therapists and Counselors in Brookline MA

There used to be a time when addicts were considered losers. That school of thought has largely dissipated in recent years as experts come to see addiction as a real disease that can affect anyone. Addiction comes in so many guises, each one capable of destroying the lives of those whom it affects. A Brookline MA addiction counseling service can be the last hope for many addicts and their loved ones.

Primary Symptoms of Addiction

There might be a world of difference between a heroin addict and a, say, shopping addict. But some fundamentals are similar nevertheless. Both addicts are consumed by their habits to the point where they physically need to practice them. Both addicts might sneak around behind their loved ones’ backs and lie about what they’re doing. Both addicts might feel huge, colossal shame about their habits and lie even to themselves about them. Heroin and shopping—both destructive in their own ways.

What Addiction Does

In one word, addiction destroys. Here are some of the most devastating effects of untreated addiction:

  • Addiction destroys trust. If you’re lying to your loved ones all the time, how can they trust you?
  • Addition destroys finances. It costs money to have a drug habit or to drink or to binge shop. Oftentimes money that the addict doesn’t have
  • Addiction destroys health
  • Addiction can kill you. Yes it can and it does. Thousands and thousands of people each year, to be exact.

Curing Oneself of Addiction

The most important tool in the recovering addict’s box is his or her therapist or addiction counselor. Making that move to counseling can literally save an addict’s life. It cannot be overstated just how powerful good therapy can be for an addict. The primary forms of therapy are as follows:

  • Group therapy, where the addict discusses his/her addictions with peers under the supervision of a qualified counselor
  • Individual therapy, where the addict and the counselor work out themselves what made the addict addicted in the first place and how to avoid the same in the future
  • Family therapy, where the addict and his/her loved ones sit with a counselor and work things out from that perspective.

Our Brookline MA addiction counseling services all provide the above and much more. If you are feeling that addiction has sent your life out of control, you need to call us to start to get whole again. We have helped thousands just like you and will continue to do so.