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Most of us can accomplish many of our daily tasks just by using our computers or phones. Think about the endless array of products and services we can gain access to, all with the click of a button. But have you ever considered scheduling therapy sessions in the same manner? As many people have already discovered, online therapy is a convenient and simple way to connect with your provider from home, the office, or anywhere that has a private space and reliable internet connection. 

Taking the time to prioritize our mental health isn’t always easy or intuitive, but when we pause to think, it doesn’t make a lot of sense not to do so. After all, we can’t really take care of the people or things in our lives successfully without first making sure we’re doing alright first. That’s what makes online therapy so appealing for everyday people who: 

  • Have busy schedules or travel frequently 
  • Work from home, and don’t have time to commute to a brick and mortar location for therapy 
  • Have mobility or chronic health concerns that limit their ability to drive or commute 
  • Watch after children or elderly relatives 
  • Are anxious about seeing a therapist in person

If any of these reasons for choosing online therapy resonate with you, then finding the online therapist that’s right for you could be as simple as giving our Bowling Green, KY office a call to get started. Online therapy is a convenient, secure, and efficient way for people to get access to great mental health care through Thriveworks. 

Why Should I Start Online Therapy through Thriveworks in Bowling Green, KY? 

Starting online therapy is an independent choice. It’s one that might depend on what’s going on in your life. If you’re considering proactively considering therapy, then it’s possible you’re experiencing mental health concerns such as: 

  • Racing thoughts
  • Feelings of anxiety
  • Sadness or hopelessness that persists for days or weeks 
  • Short temper, or difficulty managing your emotions 
  • Grief stemming from the loss of a loved one
  • Difficulty sleeping or concentrating

Though these symptoms and sensations can be alarming, many mental health concerns are easily treated remotely. Our online therapy services provide the same level of quality care and attention that an in-person appointment provides. By following strict APA and HIPAA guidelines, our online therapy sessions are a safe and secure method to get professional insight and assistance with your mental health issues. 

Our online therapists can also help to diagnose and treat mental health conditions and disorders, providing you with the clarity and relief you’ve long been searching for. When you partner with one of our online therapists, you’ll be receiving professional knowledge and guidance as you both brainstorm and implement coping strategies and processing techniques to prioritize your mental wellbeing. 

Online therapy can assist those struggling to deal with: 

  • Grief: whether you’ve lost someone recently, or are having difficulty processing older emotions, online therapy makes it easier to open up. 
  • Depression: This mood disorder often isolates those it affects, creating a silent struggle. With online therapy, the help you need is right at your fingers. 
  • Child or teen behavioral issues: Your child or teenager might not be interested in having to come into a physical office for therapy, but with our online option, younger generations can use their tech-savviness to bond with one of our providers. 
  • Anxiety: For some, talking with a therapist in person just isn’t comfortable. That’s fine—speak with one of our mental health professionals from the space of your choice. Just make sure it’s private and has reliable internet access. 

Additionally, those who are experiencing turbulence in their marriage, relationship, or family can turn to online therapy as a viable way for you and those closest to you to start healing. Online therapy can connect loved ones with each other, while they develop empathy and better communication skills as they talk with their online therapist. 

Make an Online Therapy or Counseling Appointment Today

There’s never been a better time to get the mental health care you’ve been waiting for. And while you might have experienced frustration while trying to schedule session times with other providers, Thriveworks in Bowling Green, KY has a knowledgeable and friendly staff of scheduling specialists standing by to help you get started. They’ll walk you through each step of your client experience by: 

  • Being available 7 days a week 
  • Helping you find a provider in your area
  • Making the booking process easier 
  • Working out the best payment option for you (we’re able to accept most major insurance plans)

Ultimately, deciding to ignore your mental health because of time constraints or anxiety about speaking with a provider is understandable and may feel necessary. However, online therapy with Thriveworks in Bowling Green, KY could be a way for you to find renewed peace of mind. By putting your mental health needs first, together, you and your online therapist can start making headway towards a better tomorrow. 


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