Couples Therapy and Relationship Counseling in Bowling Green, KY

Couples Therapy and Relationship Counseling in Bowling Green, KY

As a couple, Julie and Mark have always felt happy together. When they got married, it seemed like things couldn’t get any better. They’ve been married for 5 years, and they’ve always had a strong connection that was centered around their ability to communicate with each other. When things got unclear or the road got rocky, Julie and Mark could ultimately count on each other to be honest and share their true feelings. 

But lately, things are different. They’ve fallen behind on their mortgage payments, and despite their best intentions, seem to be bound for hard times. Now that there’s the added stress of trying to keep their house, neither partner is able to open up the way that they once did. Blame shifts between both of them, and attempts to reconcile any harsh words simply devolves into an argument. They know they need to work together to figure this one out. But how—when everything seems to be going wrong?

If Mark and Julie’s relationship dynamic sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. Romantic relationships are a source of love, companionship, and personal growth. They can be the closest connections in life, but all relationships go through rocky points. That’s completely normal—problems can arise and start to wreak havoc when partners lose the ability to communicate and respect boundaries. 

What Is Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling? 

If you and the one you love feel at odds, then you might benefit from seeking couples therapy and marriage counseling at Thriveworks. But: If you’ve never talked to a therapist, let alone seen one for relationship issues, we don’t want you to stress. We get it, relationships are private. Why would you want to let a complete stranger analyze your intimate connection? 

The reason is that couples therapists aren’t interested in judging you or taking sides with either partner. Ultimately, their job is to help both of you see each other more clearly, and learn to: 

  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Establish healthy boundaries for yourselves 
  • Recognize the need for compromise and empathy 
  • Find new ways to connect and continue to grow in your relationship
  • Manage the effects of mental health conditions on your relationship, such as depression or ADHD

Seeing a couples therapist isn’t about working to become perfect. It’s about working to become the best version of yourselves you can be. While it can seem like you’re giving up, the point is that your relationship matters more than anything else. 

If you and your partner are considering whether you should see a therapist for your relationship issues, there are a few key indicators of when partners might want to consider attending therapy together, like: 

  • Arguments that last for hours or days 
  • Passive-aggressive or abusive behavior 
  • Inability to respect each other’s boundaries
  • Cheating 
  • Avoiding physical touch or sex 
  • Lying and other forms of emotional manipulation

These warning signs definitely don’t spell the end of a relationship on their own. However, they might be a good indication that you and your partner should consult a professional like the relationship therapists at Thriveworks in Bowling Green, KY. 

Schedule Marriage or Relationship Counseling in Bowling Green, KY

Deciding to seek assistance from a therapist might take some time. But when you do choose to call our Thriveworks office in Bowling Green, KY, you’ll be getting access to our industry-leading enrollment benefits, like:  

  • Scheduling assistance 7 days a week: Our scheduling specialists are available every day of the week, helping you find the right counselor to fit your needs and the schedule that fits both of your lives. 
  • Same-day appointments and 23.5-hour cancellations: If something comes up or you aren’t feeling well, rest assured that you won’t be charged for missing your session, as long as you give us a 23.5-hour notice. 
  • Online therapy: With online therapy, moving your relationship forward doesn’t need to be held up by your busy schedule or time spent apart for work or travel. As long as you can talk privately, and get access to the internet, you and your partner can still attend sessions together. 

Our nationwide team values your personal progress, and that’s a crucial part of our ability to provide the best possible mental health care. We know that your relationship matters to both of you more than anything. That’s why our couple’s therapists and relationship counselors use their skills to prioritize positive growth through therapy— so that both of you can look forward to a better future together. 

Connecting with one of our relationship therapists or couples counselors might provide your relationship with the relief that it needs to move forward. Life can be hard, but getting assistance from a mental health professional doesn’t need to be. If you and the one you love are interested in preserving your relationship through mental health services, contact Thriveworks in Bowling Green, KY.  

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