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What comes to mind when you start thinking about your family? For many of us, we think about the love we share, the close bonds, and the memories that have gradually stuck with us as time moves forward. These close ties that we feel to our relatives can be a great source of support, love, and friendship. However, like any relationship, there can be periods of turmoil and conflict that might cross boundaries for everyone involved. 

Family connections can be difficult to navigate when the atmosphere changes from one of respect and healthy communication to one of resentment and simmering hostility. These changes can happen for a multiplicity of reasons—and it can be difficult to not pass the blame or to remain open to reconciling when harsh words and behaviors cloud our judgment. 

In times when it feels like the separation and differences between you and your loved ones can’t be changed, consider whether you and your family could benefit from the impartiality of a family therapist at Thriveworks in Bowling Green, KY. They’re a specialized type of mental health professional, and their professional insight and guidance could be the answer you and your family have been waiting for. 

What Is Family Therapy? 

For those who aren’t familiar with family therapy, or therapy in general, it might feel a little invasive to think about sharing your private family life with a stranger. That makes sense if you don’t know the role that a family therapist actually plays during your sessions together. But in reality, family therapists aren’t interested in passing judgment or picking sides when it comes to resolving family disputes and boundary issues. Their main concern is keeping the family together as a whole, and highlighting the ways in which your shared bond with one another is so valuable. 

Family therapists can help relatives to: 

  • Learn to communicate healthily and become active listeners 
  • To establish boundaries based on respect and empathy
  • To reinforce the importance of compromise and patience 
  • Understand one another’s perspectives during therapy sessions 

These are just some of the ways that a family therapist might be able to assist you and your household. But still—you might not recognize why your family needs to see a counselor. While it’s important to establish the fact that every family has different dynamics and a different set of challenges, there’s a few warning signs to keep track of if you’re feeling like family therapy could be of use. For example, if you’re frequently encountering the following it might be time to connect with a Thriveworks family therapist in Bowling Green, KY: 

  • Disagreements that escalate into arguments 
  • Passive-aggressive behavior 
  • Child or teen behavioral issues 
  • Relatives that refuse to communicate with each other 
  • Anxiety during family interactions or time spent together 
  • Avoidant behavior, like refusing to apologize for transgressions towards each other 

Our mental health professionals might be able to give your family the stable environment to start healing and closing the distance that’s dividing you. Our priority is improving the lives of our clients—and we do that by remaining committed to their personal progress through better mental health care. 

See a Thriveworks Family Therapist in Bowling Green, KY

While it’s always great when the entire family decides unanimously on something, not everyone may be on the same page about using mental health services to fix any problems arising at home. We understand and want to inform or remind that therapy is actually more about providing yourselves the tools you need to resolve issues together and prevent them from reoccurring. 

What’s more, licensed mental health professionals like our family therapists are able to diagnose and treat undiagnosed mental health conditions or disorders. Undiagnosed mental health conditions can manifest as: 

  • ADHD in adults, teens, or children
  • Substance abuse disorder
  • Depression
  • OCD 
  • And many other conditions

Mental health care is a valuable resource for families to turn to. When you connect with one of our therapists you’ll get the benefit of knowing that you’re receiving individualized, industry-leading assistance. But the benefits don’t just stop with our mental health professionals. By calling our Bowling Green, KY to enroll, you can gain access to our amazing array of client perks, like: 

  • Evening and weekend session times: Family life can be hectic. Make the time for everyone to connect with our flexible scheduling options. 
  • Email access to your provider: Stay in touch in between appointments. It’s another way we’ll add peace of mind to your therapy experience.  
  • A life coach Q/A chat line: Your questions don’t have to wait until the next appointment. Get the expert advice and insight of a Thriveworks life coach.

If it sounds like family therapy could be beneficial for your household, call Thriveworks in Bowling Green, KY. Our scheduling specialists will help your family to find the right therapist to help you create and manage a better home environment. 

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