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Depression is a touchy subject for a lot of us. It makes sense, considering the feelings and emotions that are associated with it. But depression isn’t a mental health subject that is just going to go away by avoiding it—in fact, doing so might just make it worse for those who are experiencing a form of depression. Warning signs to look out for include: 

  • Mood swings that take you from elation to hopelessness
  • Extended periods of apathy or hopelessness
  • Lack of interest in sex or romantic relationships 
  • Fatigue or insomnia 
  • Under or overeating to cope with difficult emotions 

While these signs can vary from person to person, if you’re experiencing any of the above, just know there’s a difference between feeling off for a day or two and feeling off for weeks or even months. It’s also not a good idea to try and diagnose or treat yourself for depression; only qualified mental health professionals like the psychologists and psychiatrists at Thriveworks can do that. 

So if you’ve been struggling with what might be depression, or if you’ve been diagnosed before and are reluctant to seek mental health services again, we hope to hear from you at our Bowling Green, KY office. While it might feel like choosing to confide in a mental health professional might seem like you’ll be losing some of your independence, getting the right mental health care is more like a long-term investment in yourself. With the right treatment and provider, you’ll be able to start learning to manage and mitigate the effect of depression on your life. 

How Is Depression Treated? 

Depending on your personal experience, depression can be treated in numerous ways and by several types of professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists. Their titles sound similar, and their jobs overlap in many ways as well. But their approach to treating mental health conditions does differ. 


  • These are medical doctors who are licensed to conduct therapy sessions like other providers 
  • Because of their medical background, they can prescribe their clients with helpful medications to mitigate the symptoms of depression and other conditions 
  • Depending on the person they’re working with, they might treat mental health issues with a combination of prescriptions and talk/behavioral therapy
  • Can diagnose depression and other mental health and mood disorders 


  • Mental health professionals who use different forms of therapy in sessions to assist clients with managing their mental health conditions
  • Can help couples and family members resolve differences and learn to communicate 
  • Can assist people with depression through therapy—a client’s feedback is used to create a treatment program and coping strategies designed to fit the individual. 

Neither mental health professional is better than the other. For those that opt for or are recommended to a psychiatrist, any prescribed medication is nothing to be scared about. Our providers are trained to listen to your concerns and develop unique treatment options that work to help you feel comfortable. 

Are There Different Types of Depression?

Yes—depression can manifest itself in many different ways. Though two people may have the same type of depression, their symptoms and experience could be totally different. That’s why having the input of a mental health professional at Thriveworks is the safest bet to start finding relief. 

Our psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists commonly treat the following types of depression: 

  • Bipolar disorder: Though it might seem surprising, bipolar disorder can induce depression through the mood swings that it causes. Those with bipolar disorder may feel extremely happy for a minute, and furious or dejected in the next.
  • Major depression: This disorder induces emotional detachment, sadness, hopelessness, and apathy. Those who suffer from major depression may become socially isolated, further exacerbating their condition. It’s what most people think of when they hear the word “depression”
  • Minor depression: As the name implies, this is less severe than major depression but just as harmful. Because those with this disorder may go long periods of time without feeling depressed, identifying what’s triggering their sadness can be difficult for those with minor depression
  • Postpartum depression: Postpartum depression affects women who’ve given birth; those who underwent caesarian sections or had a miscarriage are at higher risk. This disorder can onset immediately or months after childbirth.

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