When grief becomes anger: 3 steps that will help you work through the anger stage of grief

In 1969, Swiss-American Psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross theorized that there are five universal stages of grief: denial and seclusion, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These stages have since been used to describe how we respond to a heartbreaking loss. But here’s the thing: Coping with a devastating loss is an incredibly…

Empathic responding (or active listening) in counseling: A basic, yet essential response for counselors to master in their practice

Have you ever wondered what makes for a positive therapist-client relationship and an overall successful therapy journey? Maybe you’re a past/present therapy client who wants to better understand how this process works. Maybe you’re considering therapy and you’re hoping for some insight that’ll help you start believing in the journey….

If you have suicidal thoughts, get professional help immediately—also, open up to loved ones, acknowledge difficult feelings, and ground yourself

Suicide is a global crisis, as it is a leading cause of death worldwide among all ages every single year. If you’re feeling suicidal, your first course of action should be to seek professional help right away; call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline or find a medical/mental health provider to talk…

Mental health and illness statistics in the US: A look at the prevalence of mental health disorders, treatment, and impact

Every single year, millions of Americans suffer with a mental illness. By definition, a mental illness is a disorder that negatively affects a person’s thoughts, feelings, mood, and/or behavior. Examples include depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Each individual has a unique experience, as far as which symptoms they…

Do men get angrier than women?

“Do men get angrier than women?” The majority would probably say yes: Men do get angrier than women, and more often. But would the majority be correct? Or, would they be endorsing another one of many gender stereotypes? Science overwhelmingly shows that this is, indeed, just another false label—men do…

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