• Love is complicated, in and of itself; but it becomes even more complicated when you experience romantic feelings for more than one individual.
  • While it might not be super common, it is possible to fall in love with two people at once and there are signs that this is happening to you.
  • If you’re daydreaming about both individuals, they both give you the butterflies, and your friends are asking about them, these are signs you have love (or like) for both.
  • Now, where do you go from here? First, know that it’s okay to explore different people and possibilities, as long as you’re open and honest about where you stand.
  • If your feelings are accelerated, and you think you might be in love with two individuals, it’s time to dive deep and explore these feelings as well as what’s right for your life.

Tom and Ella met at a friend’s bonfire under the stars. They were drawn to each other like magnets, pressed side-by-side on a small wooden bench. Each held a stick atop the flames of the fire, but neither noticed when their marshmallow turned into a burnt crisp. They didn’t care about the smores, anyhow—at least not now. They were too focused on each other.

The two began dating a week later and continued to appear attached at the hip. They were fully immersed in each other’s love, and they certainly weren’t afraid to put that love on display. But about a year into their relationship, another individual pushed his way into the picture. Ella met John at a local brewery festival where they chatted for hours about beer, dogs, local hiking trails, movies, books, and everything else under the sun. Quickly, Ella felt those butterflies in her stomach again. The same butterflies she felt, sitting in front of that bonfire a year earlier.

Falling in love is a funny thing. It’s exciting, yet nerve-racking; baffling, yet fulfilling; enabling at times, and crippling at others. It is completely intoxicating. But what does it mean when these feelings are multiplied? In other words, what if you experience this excitement and these nerves, this heart-stopping yet breath-giving love for not just one, but two people, like Ella? Is it really possible?

4 Signs You’re Experiencing a Double Love Connection

While it might not be common, it is possible to fall in love with two people at once. And it’s certainly possible to have feelings for more than one individual, especially if you’re single and mingling or in the early stages of a relationship. Here are a few signs that you’re experiencing a love connection (or working your way to a love connection) with two different people at once:

1. Your mind wanders from one to the other.

Are you daydreaming about two different people? Our minds naturally wander throughout the day: from “What should I eat for dinner?” to “Man, I could really use a glass of wine,” to “I wonder what Jake is up to right now.” If you find that you’re thinking about both individuals on a regular basis, you’re likely experiencing or developing feelings for the both of them.

2. Your friends are just as confused as you are.

Are your friends constantly asking you where you stand with the two individuals? Do they joke about you being in a love triangle? If your friends aren’t sure where you stand, this is another sign that you’re bouncing back and forth between two potential suitors.

3. You don’t want them anywhere near each other.

Do you get nervous when they’re in the same room or attending the same event? Would you prefer to spend time with them separately? Odds are, if you’re interested in two people, you’d rather they stay far away from each other.

4. You know the feelings are there.

Finally, and most simply, you just know that the feelings for both of them are there. When you think about love, or the potential of love, who do you think of? If both individuals enter your mind, then it’s safe to say you’re navigating feelings for the both of them.

What Now? How Do I Get Out of This Love Triangle?

First of all, it’s important you know that experiencing feelings for more than one person isn’t weird, crazy, or even out of the ordinary. Many of us explore different people and potential relationships before we understand who or what we really want and need. That is more than okay; in fact, it’s often essential. Just make sure you are honest with both individuals about where you stand.

If your feelings are on the fast track, and you think you’re in love with two people, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed—and wondering what to do now. The truth is that only you can work out these feelings and decide who (if anyone) is right for you. This will take some self-exploration: explore your feelings for both individuals; consider what is missing from each connection; think about whether this or that relationship would prove beneficial to your life. You might find that the answer was right in front of you all along. Or, you might reach a conclusion that surprises you. Either way, this is your journey to navigate—and you can do so successfully. Just remember that you are worthy of love and you deserve to take the time and effort to find the right love for you.