Running a business means setting an example. A healthy lifestyle can contribute to a productive workplace, for you and your employees. True productivity includes much more than the three-hour block of caffeine-infused frenzy you experience after your morning coffee. The reason is largely because quick fixes like these don’t last more than a few hours at a time, and certainly won’t serve you beyond the workplace. Being productive at work is directly linked to your lifestyle at home. Altering your lifestyle might seem dramatic, but the results can improve productivity, as well as happiness, health, and even energy levels through the nine to five hours and beyond.

Exercise Every Morning

When given the choice between getting out of your warm bed to bundle up and jog through the neighborhood or relax with a hot cup of coffee, you can guess what most people pick. It might sound like unnecessary torture, but exercising in the morning releases endorphins and raises your energy levels to get your mind active and ready for the day, which is much better than a latte.

Working out can also improve mental clarity for four to 10 hours after you exercise, giving you the perfect start to the day. Early morning exercise jump starts your metabolism to help you burn calories all day, which makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight. Studies have found that women and men who regularly exercise in the morning get better sleep than those who do so in the evening.

Take More Breaks

It sounds more like the habit of a procrastinator, but taking short, formal breaks throughout the day can give your brain a chance to recharge and be more productive in short stretches instead of long, exhausting hauls. Completing mental tasks burns up your brain’s supply of glucose, which means it can help to replenish your system with a healthy snack. Indulge in an avocado with your favorite low-fat salad dressing, or snack on a bag of almonds for more protein, fiber and healthy fats, as Doctor Oz recommends.

Take time off if you feel under the weather or just need a break. Ignoring a health problem will only decrease your productivity in the long run. Even if you don’t have time to go in for a check up or wait at urgent care, an online doctor consultation through a service like MeMD can help you figure out what you need to improve your health.

Experts say that napping during 10-20 minute intervals throughout the day can also improve focus, function and overall performance, according to the New York Times. A recent report in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune showed that unsanctioned napping or “drowsiness” on the job costs U.S. businesses $18 billion a year in lost productivity. This is perhaps why companies like Nationwide and The Huffington Post have built designated “nap rooms” for their employees.

Make Lists

Trying to organize your to-dos in your head is one of the most inefficient methods for reducing stress and increasing productivity. You can free up your mind a bit and be more adept at recognizing accomplishments by simply making lists for your daily responsibilities. The traditional pen and paper will do the trick, but there are tons of apps to make this process even simpler. You can download Wunderlist, which creates multiple to-do lists for each aspect of your life. Share your lists with co-workers and family members and allow push notifications for a heads up.

If you’re guilty of spending frequent 15-minute breaks reading articles online, you’ll love Pocket for Android and iOS. This handy app offers offline reading capability, so users can save a list of articles, pictures, and videos for viewing at a more convenient time. This means you can keep up with the news without sacrificing productivity in the workplace.