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What is financial infidelity? Strategies for talking about your spending habits with your spouse or partner 

Financial infidelity involves engaging in dishonest spending habits while in a relationship by lying about or otherwise concealing purchases and bills from your partner.  Spending habits can be tricky to discuss, and admitting that you aren’t always the best with your money isn’t easy to do, either. But the potential…

Learn the signs of digital consumer manipulation and be a smarter online shopper

It’s not always obvious when our cognitive biases are being manipulated by digital marketers and neuromarketing experts. Retail websites use a variety of psychological tactics to persuade consumers to buy their products. Occasionally these tactics stray into manipulative territory, for example when websites use dark patterns, greenwashing, and price discrimination. …

3 Habits That Will Make Every Workday Productive

Running a business means setting an example. A healthy lifestyle can contribute to a productive workplace, for you and your employees. True productivity includes much more than the three-hour block of caffeine-infused frenzy you experience after your morning coffee. The reason is largely because quick fixes like these don’t last…

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