People-pleasing: A breakdown of the bad habit and how to kick it

People-pleasing, a behavior where individuals prioritize the needs and desires of others over their own, can have far-reaching implications for mental health and relationships. Those who engage in people-pleasing often find themselves in a relentless pursuit of approval and acceptance, going to great lengths to avoid conflict or the discomfort…

Self-harming behavior: Alternative coping strategies and simple self-care habits for avoiding future relapses

A self-harm relapse occurs when someone engages in self-harming behavior after a period of approximately 3-4 weeks of abstaining. A self-harm relapse can happen via the same mechanism of self-harm or a different behavior. During a relapse period and the hours or days afterward, the individual may face additional temptation…

Our phone habits can reveal our personality!  (Video)

Your phone activity might reveal important personality traits. This, from researchers at RMIT University. The research team looked at phone call and messaging activity logs from college students, as well as accelerometer data, which tracks phone movement. They found that an individual’s interactions with their phone predicted specific personality traits….

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