Does willpower exist? Ego depletion theory explained, plus ways to exercise better self-control

Though the idea that each of us has a “reserve” of willpower is an attractive notion, current psychological research doesn’t put much stock in the idea. Psychologists are instead asking the question: Does willpower exist?  Believing in willpower is part of ego depletion theory—the belief that without enough willpower, we…

Our phone habits can reveal our personality!  (Video)

Your phone activity might reveal important personality traits. This, from researchers at RMIT University. The research team looked at phone call and messaging activity logs from college students, as well as accelerometer data, which tracks phone movement. They found that an individual’s interactions with their phone predicted specific personality traits….

3 Habits That Will Make Every Workday Productive

Running a business means setting an example. A healthy lifestyle can contribute to a productive workplace, for you and your employees. True productivity includes much more than the three-hour block of caffeine-infused frenzy you experience after your morning coffee. The reason is largely because quick fixes like these don’t last…

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