Motivational interviewing: What it is and how it’s done

Motivational interviewing (MI) is a method some counselors use to help their clients overcome their ambivalence toward positive change. MI is a client-centered, directive counseling approach that can help clients identify and strengthen their own motivation. MI works by eliciting ‘change talk” to deepen a client’s intrinsic commitment to change. …

Some unsolicited advice on seeking answers from advice columns

Modern advice columnists answer questions about sex, relationships, work, mental health, and existence itself.  Your probability of taking someone’s advice is determined by a number of cognitive and social factors, like their reputation and your emotions. People–especially people with low motivation–frequently just need a listener, not an advice-giver.  We can…

Fun facts about birthdays: Relative age effect, temporal landmarks, and seasonal personality traits

Hard science can begin to look like astrology when it comes to researching the importance of birthdays and season of birth (SOB).  Birthdays are proven to influence everything from your success in school and sports to your physical health.  Birthdays can serve as temporal landmarks that enhance motivation—or deepen depression….

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