I don’t work well with other people—how can I change that? Consider your personality type and adjust accordingly

Do you work well with others? If your answer is no and it’s affecting your job, consider a few different personality types that have a more difficult time collaborating with others. Depressive personalities are hypersensitive and don’t take feedback well; if this sounds like you, you can improve your skills…

The Surprising and Powerful Influences Behind First Impressions

We rely on first impressions for more than we realize. It’s not just job interviews and blind dates that we should worry about – first impressions rule every potential relationship ahead of us. That said, we are not slaves to first impressions. We just need to better understand the numerous ways in which the mind forms an impression so that we can react accordingly.

3 Habits That Will Make Every Workday Productive

Running a business means setting an example. A healthy lifestyle can contribute to a productive workplace, for you and your employees. True productivity includes much more than the three-hour block of caffeine-infused frenzy you experience after your morning coffee. The reason is largely because quick fixes like these don’t last…

Why Millennials Need Counseling More Than Ever

What is a millennial? This generation consists of individuals between the ages of 18 and 33. These days, millennials are typically seen as upbeat individuals who are confident and technologically savvy. Read: Back to Basics, Depression 101 Unfortunately, that perception doesn’t hold up to the reality of what this generation…

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