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Sara and her father have always struggled to get along, but since she’s gotten older, things haven’t seemed to improve. She’s close with her mother and her two younger brothers, but she and her dad always seem to clash. From her life choices to her political beliefs, Sara often feels stifled by his inability to compromise or recognize the validity of her perspective. 

However, she does want to resolve the distance between them, and she thinks that he might want to, as well. Still, Sara’s known her dad long enough to know that talking with him about his behavior is usually only effective with a third party to mediate. In order to maximize the potential for them to reconcile, Sara has scheduled their first family therapy session. While she feels uncertain of what to expect, she’s interested in the potential benefits and progress that come from family therapy. 

Sara’s family issues aren’t uncommon, and all relationships are bound to experience ups and downs occasionally. While a bit of turbulence in our close connections is normal, negative dynamics can become really harmful when they’re allowed to persist for extended periods of time. But by partnering with one of our mental health professionals at Thriveworks in Billings, MT, you and your family can gain the stability and support that you need in order to grow together. 

How Does Family Therapy Work? How Can it Help? 

Family therapy is designed to help relatives learn to appreciate their differences and communicate effectively and healthily. Some of the common signs that professional assistance could be useful include: 

  • Ongoing frustration or resentment towards each other
  • Tense, explosive arguments about finances or future planning 
  • Child or teen behavioral issues with unknown origins: Kids may act out at school or at home to express anger or fear in different ways 
  • Tension during extended periods of time spent together such as holidays or vacations 
  • Differing viewpoints or unreconciled events 

It’s important to keep in mind that any relationship can benefit from therapy or counseling services. While this is something we believe, at Thriveworks in Billings, MT  we’re aware that there are still outdated misconceptions and stigma attached to seeking professional mental health assistance. While it might feel intimidating to reach out to a provider, the reality is that they aren’t going to judge or chastise you. That’s because our therapists work to:  

  • Create and promote newfound respect for personal boundaries and healthy communication
  • Help you to empathize and compromise with one another 
  • Help relatives with previously undiagnosed mental health conditions to find new emotional balance and well-being 
  • Act as a neutral third party during therapy sessions, allowing for more balanced dialogue and candid discussion

Even with the benefits that a family therapist can provide, it’s common for families to have members who feel reluctant or unwilling to connect with a mental health professional. Many feel that the therapist will choose a side, or work to separate family members from each other. The truth is that our providers are committed to making better mental health a reality for you and your loved ones, and they aren’t interested in choosing sides or fueling divisions. 

Schedule a Family Counseling Session at Thriveworks in Billings, MT 

When you decide to take the proactive step to connect with one of our family therapists, you’re choosing to prioritize the bond that you and your family members share. Seeking mental health services isn’t a sign of defeat. At Thriveworks in Billings, MT we know that when a family comes together to attend therapy sessions, healing and growth can occur. 

And if you’re divided by miles of separation, we have online therapy options to help you all come together. With the ability to attend sessions anywhere with reliable internet and a private space to talk, online therapy could be the flexible solution you’ve been looking for. 

When you call to schedule your first appointment, you’ll be greeted by our scheduling specialist team. They’re available seven days a week to help with each step in the scheduling process and can assist with everything from setting up your insurance, to finding a provider, even if there’s no one in your area. When you’ve finished signing up for your appointment, you’ll have access to industry-leading benefits such as: 

  • Weekend and evening session availability
  • Email contact with your provider in-between session
  • Our Q/A ask a coach option: for questions that can’t wait till the next session
  • Scheduling assistance from our specialists, 7 days a week 

If you and your relatives could benefit from the stability and support provided by family therapy, reach out to Thriveworks in Billings, MT to get matched with a great therapist. They’ll work with you to make better mental health and family relationships a reality for you and those closest to you.

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