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Russell has always been a people pleaser. His parents used to argue all the time when he was a child, and he quickly learned that staying agreeable was the easiest way to avoid their ire.

Now an adult, Russell goes above and beyond to ensure peace with the people around him. This is especially true in his romantic relationships. Every time he falls in love, he turns into a different person. He sacrifices his goals, personality, and morals to please his partner.

Despite his best efforts and sacrifices, all of his relationships end with his partners abandoning him. This has happened over five or so relationships in the last three to four years, and Russell doesn’t understand what he’s been doing wrong. He’s accommodated his partners at every turn but it still doesn’t seem enough to remain in their good graces.

His current partner suggests Russell may need help. When she asks that he see someone, Russell agrees.

After scheduling an online appointment, Russell meets with a counselor over video conference. His counselor diagnoses him with codependency after she learns about his childhood environment and current behaviors. Russell begins cognitive behavioral therapy to reshape the way he thinks about relationships and takes up journaling to work through his feelings of inadequacy. His counselor helps him unpack his past relationships with partners and parents. In time, Russell begins to set healthy relationship boundaries and to recognize his self-worth.

Like traditional therapy, online counseling can provide thoughtful support to anyone in need of emotional or mental health care. It can help you set goals, think positively, and break harmful habits. And it can be performed from anywhere you have internet or phone service.

If you’ve ever felt that your emotional or psychological resolve could be strengthened, virtual counseling could benefit you. To set up a remote appointment, call us at Thriveworks in Aurora, IL.

Remote Therapy Services Offered in Aurora, IL

There’s a common misunderstanding that online therapy only benefits certain types of problems. But virtual counseling can actually benefit a variety of different disorders, illnesses, and concerns.

Some of the more common online therapy services include:

  • Couples therapy
  • Eating disorder counseling
  • Anxiety therapy and depression therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Family therapy
  • Child therapy
  • Trauma therapy and PTSD counseling
  • Anger and stress management
  • Career guidance and life coaching
  • Loss and grief counseling

These and other common face-to-face therapies can be readily handled through video or over the phone with the help of a counselor or other licensed mental health professional. Your counselor or therapist can even help you address multiple issues at once.

The important thing is to speak openly and honestly with your provider. This helps your counselor or therapist understand your situation so they can create an action plan that is tailored to your needs and goals.

Why Choose Online Counseling?

Therapy can be for anyone and everyone. No matter the severity of your mental illness, disorder, or concern, you deserve attentive care that addresses your specific needs.

Online therapy offers the same quality service as in-person therapy but with added benefits such as:

  • Increased accessibility for people living in faraway or remote areas or for people who have limited mobility.
  • Increased flexibility for people who need to fit a therapy session into a small block of time.
  • Increased comfort for anyone who wants to speak to a professional from a safe and familiar place.

Talking to a professional online can save you commute time, enable you to work around your children or partner’s schedule, and maximize your availability. Virtual sessions can be done over the phone (your provider will give you a phone call) or over video chat (you’ll click on a link to get started). They can even be done during lunch breaks, on morning walks, or right before bed.

If the benefits of virtual therapy sound right for you, consider scheduling an appointment with Thriveworks in Aurora, IL to begin. We can start as soon as you’re ready.

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Friends, family, fun. We make time in our life for the things that matter to us. If you’re ready to prioritize put your mental health in that list, our team members at Thriveworks would love to provide the care you need. We offer weekend and evening appointment times, a flexible cancellation policy, and between-session phone and email availability with your provider.

If you’re looking for more online services, look no further than our virtual community board, video content, and eBooks.

Call us at Thriveworks in Aurora, IL to set up an online appointment with a licensed professional. Now’s the perfect time to make a positive impact on your life.

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