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Think back to your last family gathering and try to remember the scene. You may be picturing enthusiastic greetings filled with cheerful smiles and tight hugs. Maybe you shared a meal while you told stories and laughed as your little brother fed all of his broccoli to the dog.

But you may also remember a less-than-perfect shift when the conversation took a wrong turn. Suddenly, voices rose and fingers began pointing over the table. Maybe it was the same argument that always ruins the evening, filled with the same accusations and hurt feelings. You may recall feeling angry, sad, or even guilty.

We all know that family relationships are not perfect. Your relationships with your family may be as complicated as they are wonderful. Each member of your family has their own life experiences, their own frustrations, and their own baggage. It’s therefore common to find that, every once in a while, your family relationships have become strained or reached an impasse.

When your family dynamic seems off-kilter, family counseling can help you get back on track. Whatever issues your family is facing, a family therapist at Thriveworks in Arlington Heights, IL can help you work through them.

Should My Family Consider Therapy?

Families from all walks of life turn to therapy for a number of reasons, but typically with the same goal in mind: to strengthen their family relationships. Family therapy can help families wrought with conflict or those experiencing a major life change together. Group counseling can also show family members how to cohabitate peacefully with one another, refining communication skills and building mutual respect.

There isn’t really a wrong time to seek out family counseling but some of the most common reasons include:

  • Conflicts that won’t resolve on their own
  • Lack of communication
  • Grief or loss of a loved one
  • Substance abuse or addiction
  • Chronic physical or mental illness
  • Divorce or separation complications
  • Child behavioral problems
  • Issues with blended families
  • Stresses associated with childbirth or adoption
  • Strained or estranged relationships

When your lives are closely woven together, as they tend to be in a family environment, small changes can make big waves. The mental health professionals at Thriveworks in Arlington Heights, IL can show you how to ride the current and cope with changes.

How Can Family Therapy Benefit My Family?

When you’re upset or stressed, it’s not uncommon to take those feelings out on the ones closest to you. Unfortunately, our family members often catch the brunt of our frustrations, even if problems stem from outside of the home. Fortunately, forgiveness is possible; even the most severely strained family relationships can be repaired.

Family counseling helps you work through the specific issues your family is facing, identify the cause of those problems, and reach a resolution as a group. Therapy sessions often focus on improving communication between family members and teaching techniques that build a foundation of trust and respect. Through both individual and group therapy sessions, clients learn to resolve short-term issues while maintaining peaceful, fulfilling relationships long-term.

When your family attends counseling together, you may get to know each other on a deeper and more personal level. The skills you learn to strengthen your bond may also help improve many other components of your family dynamic.

You may see the following benefits from family therapy:

  • Stronger communication and listening skills
  • Enhanced levels of trust
  • Clearly established boundaries
  • A more secure bond between family members
  • Improved problem solving and life coping skills

Pursuing therapy with your family can have a great impact on your mental health and can increase your aptitude for building strong relationships in other areas of your life. For many people, their relationships with their family members can influence every other relationship in life. At Thriveworks in Arlington Heights, IL, we’re here to make sure that influence is a healthy one.

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You don’t need every single member of your family present for family therapy to be beneficial. Sometimes illness, addiction, or pure stubbornness can keep certain family members from attending therapy sessions. Family therapy can still be effective, even if only a few members attend. Any family member who is able and willing to join is welcome at Thriveworks in Arlington Heights, IL.

To make it easier to coordinate lots of busy schedules, Thriveworks offers several benefits that help your group get the coaching and counseling they need. Therapy sessions are available evenings, weekends, and even online. You’ll also have access to our counselor-moderated discussion boards so you can connect with other families and learn from their stories and suggestions.

You don’t have to let your relationships fall by the wayside. Let a counselor at Thriveworks in Arlington Heights, IL show your family how to thrive and grow together.

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