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Everyone wants that “happily ever after” when they get married and say their vows. No one plans on getting a divorce. Unfortunately over half of married couples don’t get that happy ending.

Divorce is painful. It can feel like your whole world is falling apart. Divorce can induce feelings of anger, sadness, jealousy, embarrassment, and what’s even worse, the feeling of being a failure. It feels like a rollercoaster of emotions and you’re just not sure how to get off this crazy ride. Sometimes you just feel like your whole world is spinning out of control. We can help you understand what you are going through. We can help you recover from the blow.

We understand that in a second your whole life can change. Even when expected, divorce causes you to endure many changes and transitions such as living arrangements, custody of children, financial situations, and sometimes loss of other relationships, family, and friends. It’s normal to have fears and questions about what the future holds and to have feelings of grief and loss.

How Can Thriveworks-Wyomissing Help?

At Thriveworks-Wyomissing, we have caring, educated, and experienced divorce counselors who can help you and your family receive the support that you need. We can help you throughout this difficult time. It would be our honor to walk with you on this journey of healing. We can help you heal and recover. We can help you rebuild your life and get it back together.

Whether the divorce was mutually agreed upon, amicable, or messy, we are ready to get dirty and help you out of the rut. We can help you understand who you are and where you are going. If you are confused or hurting, call us. We know the last thing you want and need is another obstacle, so we will try to get you in within 24 hours. Trust us to be your partner in managing this curve ball that life as thrown at you!

Don’t wither-thrive!

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