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There have been many times in my life when I have felt angry. You likely have similar experiences; in fact, I’m sure almost everyone can relate to me on this issue. Anger is a common and very normal emotion. It isn’t widely known, but anger is actually an emotion that has the ability to provide us benefits and to serve us well; however, more frequently it is accompanied by negativity and brings in its wake far from desirable consequences. It’s much easier said than done, but anger can actually be used to show us areas in our life that can be improved. If an event triggers an angry feeling in us, we have the opportunity to identify the root cause of our angry emotions and also develop constructive solutions to prevent similar situations in the future. But if anger is left unchecked it becomes chronic, uncontrolled, and very unhealthy. It can have serious consequences for not only yourself, but for those all around you. Without properly managing our anger, it can eat away at our relationships, our health, and our personal state of mind and overall wellbeing.

Control your anger before it controls you

Anger, just like other emotions, is neither good nor bad. Emotions simply convey us messages, and anger is communicating to you that a situation is upsetting or maybe even threatening. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves reacting to our angry emotions in a negative, reflex-like manner. We blame our anger for our actions as well as the results those actions bring with them. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. At Thriveworks Charlottesville our team of Therapists and counselors have years of training in the field of Anger Management, and we can help you to discover ways to prevent the negative consequences of anger and even help you to use anger for your good and also for the good of those in your sphere of influence.

If difficulty managing your anger is currently affecting your life in a negative way, please don’t wait! We’re ready to help you take on the difficult tasks of managing your anger, developing positive coping mechanisms for trigger events, and helping you heal your relationships.

Facing challenges like Anger Management shouldn’t wait. That’s why at Thriveworks Anger Management Counseling, we’re accepting new clients, and we operate with a no waiting list policy. The majority of our new clients are able to have a session scheduled within 24 hours of reaching out to us.


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