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It’s unfortunate that so many people are ashamed, embarrassed, or afraid to seek counseling for their anxiety. The reality is that it actually takes a lot of strength to seek help. The truth is that anxiety is one of the most frequently cited reasons people seek help from a counselor. Watertown anxiety therapy can actually help reduce or entirely eliminate the symptoms of anxiety you’re experiencing.

Anxiety is more than feeling anxious and / or scared

When you work with Watertown anxiety counseling, you’ll be working with a professional who understand what anxiety is. We know it isn’t as simple as just feeling scared. Anxiety can affect every aspect of your life from relationships to the work you do. It’s common for people with anxiety to feel a loss of control over their lives. We’re here to help you gain back control.

Understanding your anxiety may be important to you

For some clients, understanding where their anxiety came from is important. While there isn’t always an obvious reason for it, in many cases it’s caused by a past trauma. It could be years in the past but still impacting you. It could have laid dormant and only been triggered recently. Your counselor will offer you a safe, secure place to investigate possible reasons for your anxiety disorder.

Medication is only a part of the solution

Some people choose to take medication to help subdue their anxiety. For some people, it’s very helpful. That said, remember that the purpose of medication is not to cure your anxiety but to simply cover up the symptoms. Therapy can actually treat the root cause for your anxiety.

We can help you find the right solution

There is no perfect solution for everyone. That’s why you need a counselor who will work closely with you to understand your specific needs. At Thriveworks Watertown Counseling & Coaching, we’ll create a special path for you. We can help you see that there really is a way out and we will be there with you throughout the entire process.

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