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Adultery and infidelity are symptoms of existing problems within a marriage or a relationship. They are simply the results stemming from bigger issues, and not the actual problem by themselves. The vast majority of the time, a partner is unfaithful to his/her spouse when he/she feels so trapped or unhappy or neglected or unsatisfied in their relationship that they find themselves crossing the line and being unfaithful. For these couples—of whom there are many nowadays—counseling for infidelity is a good idea to pursue.

What Infidelity Really Does

To the person who has just found out that their spouse has been cheating on them, infidelity is like a kick to the gut. Indeed, some experts liken infidelity to something like physical abuse, and PTSD can be experienced. Other effects of infidelity are:

  • Anxiety
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Anger
  • Need for revenge
  • Humiliation
  • Guilt.

All of the above comes with infidelity plus perhaps the most heart-wrenching thing of all—that realization that you cannot ever trust the person that you love again. For many people, that realization alone is too much to bear.

Infidelity Counseling Services

The effects of infidelity are widespread and damaging, and professional help is often recommended. Counseling for adultery and infidelity can help negate the stormy waters of a broken relationship and put it back onto a healing course again, if both partners are committed to putting in the work to make that happen. A professional counselor will look at the following aspects:

  • The relationship itself. What has been going wrong in the weeks/month/years prior to the act of infidelity?
  • The infidelity itself. Part of the process is for the unfaithful party to tell the faithful one about the affair. The counselor will be there as an independent moderator during this process.
  • The future. The counselor will bring the unfaithful party to a place of humility and remorse, and the faithful party to a place of forgiveness and acceptance.

Of course, on paper this all looks easy. It is not at all. But it is possible to come through adultery and come through so that the marriage will be stronger than before. It’s not easy but if both partners truly want it, it can happen. Please contact us for more info if you’re interested in our assistance.

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