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Maria finally listened to her gut and scheduled a therapy appointment. She’s proud of herself for following through with taking that first step, but now she’s worried about attending the actual appointment. She has a few main fears, which include…

  • Being seen by someone she knows when she gets to the therapy office
  • Getting stuck in traffic and showing up late to her session or missing it completely
  • Feeling too uncomfortable or nervous to open up to her counselor

Maria shares these fears with many other newtimers in therapy. Many people worry about other people finding out about them talking to a counselor and, more specifically, being judged for it. They worry about showing up late to their session or having to reschedule due to factors outside of their control. And most of all, they worry about the conversations they will have with their counselor. “What if I feel too nervous to open up about what’s going on?”

These fears are normal and are often dispelled in counseling. However, there is another approach to counseling that can ease these worries early on: online therapy. Online counseling makes counseling more convenient and comfortable from the get-go. If you have similar fears to Maria, consider giving online counseling a try. Thriveworks Counseling in Toledo, OH can set you up with an online therapist upon receipt of your call. 

Online Counseling at Thriveworks: How Does It Work?

Thriveworks Counseling in Toledo, OH offers our clients two main online therapy opportunities:

  1. Telephone sessions: Telephone sessions involve simply talking to your counselor over the phone. This option is preferred by many new clients who are feeling nervous about starting counseling. It offers more anonymity and can help people settle into counseling comfortably.
  2. Video sessions: Video sessions involve talking to your counselor in a secure live video chat room. This is another great online counseling option that offers a face-to-face feel, which appeals to many people as well. When you schedule your video session, you’ll be sent a video link which you’ll navigate to at the time of your session.

Do either of these options appeal to you? Do both? Thriveworks Counseling is happy to set you up with a telephone session or a video session. You are also more than welcome to try both telephone and video sessions, if you want to get a feel for both and see which is right for you!

Can Online Counseling Help Me? How?

Online counseling can help anybody and everybody (and that includes you). As with in-person counseling, it can help individuals work through their specific mental health problems, which might include:

  • Signs and symptoms of depression, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and a wide array of other mental disorders
  • Relationship problems, such as poor communication, disagreements in parenting, and lack of intimacy
  • Professional and personal challenges, such as a lack of fulfillment in either or both areas
  • Stress in important areas of life, be it personally, professionally, or financially
  • Grief after the death of a family member, friend, or even a beloved pet

Counseling is all about opening up to a mental health professional about how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking. These professionals can offer insight into your problems and help you better manage them using different therapeutic techniques. They can do this in the traditional approach to counseling and in online therapy as well.

Schedule a Virtual Therapy Session at Thriveworks in Toledo, OH

Thriveworks Counseling in Toledo, OH has online counseling appointments available right now. As a reminder, you can call today and schedule a telephone or video session with one of our counselors. Your work with your provider in a virtual environment will offer more convenience, flexibility, and comfort.

We hope to hear from you soon, and we look forward to working with you!

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