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Marriage and Couples Counseling in Tallahassee, FL

No marriage is perfect! Yes, the fact is that it’s true. Little disagreements and issues can happen to any couple as the years go by, and even bigger matters may pop up now and then.

While troubles may not be uncommon, it doesn’t make them any easier to deal with, of course. Sometimes otherwise great relationships end up being waylaid by matters couples are struggling to resolve. If this sounds like you, it may be time to seek support and guidance from a professional like the ones at Tallahassee, FL couples counseling.

Relationship Highs and Lows

As we mentioned earlier, even otherwise good relationships are susceptible to stress now and then. While highs and lows in a relationship are normal, sometimes couples start to feel like the tough moments are outweighing the happy ones. It all gets to be a bit much.

Unfortunately, some couples put off seeking help because they don’t think their situation is “bad enough” to require therapy. This is actually an ideal time to go! If you know you’re struggling with an issue but are stuck figuring out how to fix it, the expertise and advice of Tallahassee marriage therapists may just be the answer. Why ride a rollercoaster when you could be headed for smoother sailing?

Common Relationship Issues

The couples counselors at Thriveworks Tallahassee, FL often see similar issues occurring with many different married couples. Of course, each partnership’s circumstances are unique, but the themes have a lot in common.

Accordingly, their experience can often help spouses achieve resolution with issues such as:

  • Worrying about infidelity
  • Managing anger or resentment
  • Communicating ineffectively
  • Differing opinions on raising children
  • Arguing over finances and budgeting
  • Feeling stressed about money matters.

Powerful Stats to Support Marriage Therapy

Do you like to crunch the numbers before you make a choice? Then you might be interested to know that more than 97% of couples surveyed by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists reported they felt attending marriage therapy was a success. Furthermore, 93% of them stated that seeing a therapist equipped them with effective tools for addressing future disagreements.

Of course, seeing Tallahassee marriage therapists is great for more than just common relationship issues. Regardless of what the challenge is you’re facing, our discreet and non-judgmental counselors are ready to assist.

Why Thriveworks Tallahassee, FL Couples Counseling?

Are you still feeling unsure about whether seeing a couples counselor can provide the help and support you and your husband or wife need? Here are a few specific benefits of investing in marriage therapy that may encourage you to give it a try:

  • Regardless of the outcome, participating in counseling is excellent if you feel you want to give your marriage another chance
  • Counseling is ideal when you know there’s an issue, but not how to fix it
  • Therapy can help you and your spouse develop better problem solving and communication skills
  • Attending counseling can help you gain a deeper understanding of who your spouse is and what motivates him or her
  • The sooner you attend therapy, the more likely you are to have a positive outcome.

Achieving a Managed Outcome

Unfortunately, sometimes divorce is the only option. Despite their best intentions or wholehearted participation in therapy, partners may on occasion come to realize that a breakup is the healthiest choice they can make.

Of course, some sources will say that up to 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce, but don’t let that statistic put you off; the fact is that number remained fairly steady for the last 30 years! The only thing that has changed is our willingness to have a more open discussion about divorce.

It’s not that fewer marriages are working out or more couples are giving up; rather, they’re willing to admit when they need to seek help. Also, more people are feeling able to move on if their marriage isn’t working out, rather than staying together out of obligation or to save face.

Have you and your spouse already made the decision to separate? You may still want to try Tallahassee FL couples counseling as a way to resolve your differences and make the transition in the most positive way possible. This is often the ideal choice for couples that will be co-parenting children.

Or, you may try counseling with the initial intention of giving your marriage another try and realize during your sessions that divorce is a better choice for you and your spouse. If that’s the case, our professional counselors can help facilitate healthy communication with a goal to have your separation be as smooth as can be expected.

Of course, no one gets married expecting to get divorced, but sometimes it happens. Regardless of whether you decide to separate or stay in your marriage, the marriage therapists at Thriveworks in Tallahassee, FL can help you work through your concerns in a safe, supportive environment.

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