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A successful psychologist is able to work from multiple angles in order to help different people sort through their emotional and situational mental health issues. They use all different kinds of therapy methods to help everyday people cope with and recover from mental health disorders and conditions. We believe that anyone, at any point in their life, can benefit from therapy. 

People often seek mental health services because it seems the problem that they’ve been avoiding has suddenly become a disruptive force to their daily routine and life. However, the reality is that their mental health concerns have been affecting other aspects of their life for some time; it’s only when things become more intense that we understand the damage that’s occurred. 

We don’t encourage people to wait to reach out. But we know that they often will, for a variety of reasons. Shame, embarrassment, or fear can be a few of the reasons. But keep in mind—the psychologists at Thriveworks aren’t just random strangers. They’re highly trained professionals, with years of experience in therapeutic processes and methods. Your mental health will be in the most capable hands. 

 A Thriveworks psychologist can help you: 

  • Process your emotions related to traumatic or upsetting events that occurred recently or in the past 
  • Reconnect with your partner if you’ve both been experiencing distance or problems in your relationship
  • Resolve family issues through family counseling with your relatives 
  • Develop a resilient outlook towards life, and 

Whether you’ve seen a therapist or counselor before, or whether we’re your first—Thriveworks in Stockton, CA has the expertise to assist you with your mental health needs. If you’ve been considering whether counseling or therapy could benefit you, don’t hesitate to call our office. 

Should You Work with a Psychologist?

Psychologists at Thriveworks are mental health professionals who focus on therapy sessions as a way to understand their client’s perspective and experiences. They then use that understanding to inform treatment and guide the individual with management techniques and coping methods that aim to improve their mental health through personal development and understanding. Often, psychologists are vital resources in the recovery process or long-term treatment of a mental health condition.

As we’ve said, there’s no judgment being cast by our team of therapists and counselors. Many of our clients prefer to meet with our psychologists virtually through online therapy. As long as you have the space to speak privately and a reliable internet connection, you can experience the same great quality mental health care from home, the office, or even while you’re traveling. We don’t want a busy schedule to hold you back from getting mental health care from a psychologist. 

Thriveworks in Stockton, CA is here for your benefit, and your success is our success, too. With that in mind, it’s also important to know the signs of potential mental health conditions. By recognizing the signs of concern, you can better understand when it’s time to seek mental health services. Some indications that you or someone you love is struggling with their mental health include: 

  • Unresolved traumatic events or turmoil in relationships
  • Difficulty relaxing or sleeping 
  • Feeling withdrawn or anti-social 
  • Feeling depressed for days at a time 
  • Constant fatigue 
  • Unusually short temper 

If you are feeling any of these symptoms, especially if they’ve escalated or persisted for some time, seeking mental health services with a Thriveworks psychologist could be a chance for you to start over by beginning your journey towards better mental health and wellbeing. Our psychologists can also help families and couples work to improve their relationships through family therapy, couples therapy, and marriage counseling. 

Call To Schedule a Session at Thriveworks in Stockton, CA

At Thriveworks in Stockton, we provide our clients with therapy and psychological treatment that’s designed to help them succeed and enjoy better mental health. We put you first, offering benefits that other providers may not match. If you choose to enroll with Thriveworks in Stockton, CA, you’ll have access to great perks like: 

  • Email access to your psychologist between sessions 
  • Our Therapy Buddy app, a great way to track your personal progress as you attend therapy
  • A digital copy of “Leaving Depression Behind”, a vital and informative mental health resource about prioritizing your needs and valuing positivity
  • Online therapy options (phone, and video)
  • Unrivaled scheduling options including same-day cancellations and booking 
  • Evening and weekend session times 

With intuitive resources like online therapy and same-day cancellations, we’re able to make good on our commitment to putting your mental health needs first. So if you feel like you’ve been struggling with balancing your mental health, or even if you just want to talk with an expert, Thriveworks in Stockton, CA has the people and resources to help. 

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