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Occasional anxiety is a normal part of life and your body’s natural response to stressful situations. But sometimes the human brain miscalculates the appropriate stress response to a situation, and sometimes it may trigger it for no apparent reason at all.

If you’re experiencing excessive or unwarranted worry, fear, or stress over a period of time, it may indicate that you’re dealing with an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are very common and can affect both adults and children alike at any point in life. People with anxiety tend to have uncontrolled, intense, and persistent fear or worry about everyday events. Anxiety can present with both physical and psychological symptoms, so you may experience fatigue or a rapid pulse along with uncontrollable worry or difficulty concentrating.

Anxiety orders can be distressing and overwhelming but anxiety counseling can help. If you feel you are worrying too much or your anxiety is interfering with your relationships, work, or other parts of life, consider speaking with a licensed mental health professional. A therapist or counselor at Thriveworks in St. Paul, MN can show you how to cope with anxiety so it doesn’t interrupt your life.

Causes and Risk Factors of Anxiety

Anxiety disorders can be difficult to recognize on your own, particularly if you’ve not experienced this kind of mental health issue before. There are many forms of anxiety and symptoms can vary widely, so pinpointing the source of your distress may not always be easy.

Anxiety disorders can be influenced by a combination of several factors including certain life experiences, genetics, brain chemistry, physical health, environmental stressors, and medical issues. For example, increased anxiety can result from thyroid problems, diabetes, heart disease, and various other conditions.

There are also many risk factors that can increase your likelihood of developing an anxiety disorder. Some of these factors include:

  • A family history of anxiety
  • Other mental health disorders
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Personality
  • Trauma
  • Stress caused by illness

While these risk factors won’t always lead to anxiety disorders, they can increase the chances that you’ll face an anxiety disorder at some point in your life. Stress management and close physical health monitoring with your doctor can keep some of these threats at bay and may help to prevent severe anxiety disorders.

Whether you’re struggling with panic attacks, specific phobias, or something else entirely, it’s important to know that anxiety is treatable. A licensed therapist or counselor at Thriveworks in St. Paul, MN can help you reduce your anxiety, mitigate your symptoms, and manage your mental health long term.

How Does Anxiety Therapy Work?

Licensed mental health professionals are trained to both diagnose and treat anxiety disorders. They use diagnostic testing to assess your personality, symptoms, concerns, and emotional state to determine which form of anxiety you’re up against and create a unique treatment plan for you.

Treating anxiety is a highly personalized process and your treatment plan will be designed specifically for you based on the issues you are facing. Therapy for anxiety usually includes one or more types of therapy like cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), exposure therapy, or interpersonal therapy. Your licensed therapist or counselor may also recommend deep breathing exercises, coping skills, or relaxation techniques to help you manage your anxiety in between appointments. If medication is right for you, a Thriveworks psychiatrist will be able to make that determination and prescribe medication directly.

There’s really no wrong time to seek out counseling. If you’re feeling anxious and experiencing symptoms, consider scheduling an appointment with the mental health professionals at Thriveworks in St. Paul, MN. Our compassionate providers have helped countless people with anxiety manage their symptoms and overcome anxiety disorders — and they look forward to doing the same for you. Connect with our helpful scheduling team by phone or book your first therapy session online.

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Thriveworks in St. Paul, MN makes it easy and convenient to work with a therapist to reduce your anxiety. We accept many insurance plans and can often see clients as quickly as 24 to 48 hours. Therapy sessions are offered seven days a week, including evenings, so you don’t have to choose between your responsibilities and your mental health. We also offer online counseling appointments to give you the opportunity to connect with your therapist or counselor via phone or video chat from the comfort of home or wherever you are.

We also provide all Thriveworks clients with  perks like text messaging support, the Therapy Buddy app, and exclusive video content. We also provide access to our community discussion board and our “Dear Abby” style Q&A service.

If you are ready to overcome anxiety and regain control of your life, you can schedule your first visit with Thriveworks in St. Paul, MN today. We are eager to meet you and ready to help you thrive.

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