Couples and Marriage Counseling in Minneapolis, MN—Best Marriage Therapists

Couples and Marriage Counseling in Minneapolis, MN—Best Marriage Therapists

There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter marriage or relationship. Every couple is different, and what works for one partnership may not work for another. Some couples do everything together. Others may spend most of their time apart, even sleep in separate bedrooms, but they still find strength in each other’s love and intermittent companionship. And then there are couples who might face a very particular set of challenges and want a specialized therapist to help them. These include:

  • LGBTQ couples
  • Interracial couples
  • Black couples
  • Spouses with a significant age difference
  • Long-distance couples
  • Parents of special needs children
  • Engaged couples
  • Christian couples

In any case, these couples can benefit from couples therapy and marriage counseling at Thriveworks in Minneapolis, MN. If you think you and your partner might benefit from working with a relationship professional, consider reaching out to our team – we’d love to help.

Choosing a Marriage Counselor Together

Sometimes one spouse advocates for counseling while the other spouse drags their feet. But it can help if both partners are involved in the process of choosing a marriage therapist. Then the more reluctant spouse can feel invested in the process and have a greater sense of buy-in.

Before you approach the Thriveworks office in Minneapolis, MN to schedule a session, talk to your partner about what you’re looking for and what your concerns might be. If privacy is your husband’s biggest concern, then consider talking to him about online marriage counseling. If clinical credentials and a long success record are your biggest criteria, then propose a couples therapist with extensive training and experience. The important thing is that you agree on what you want. Though if you disagree, that might be good material to explore in your first couples counseling session!

Is My Marriage Automatically on the Rocks If We Need a Couples Therapist?

Absolutely not. In fact, it’s a sign of a healthy, committed relationship when you’re thinking about finding a marriage counselor to help overcome communication roadblocks and other common couples issues. Marriage therapists can help strengthen your romantic bond.

You may begin noticing one or a few of the frequent signs that you and your spouse could benefit from marriage counseling:

  • Communication has deteriorated to the point where you’re not talking to each other.
  • Communication always seems to be negative.
  • You’re keeping secrets from each other.
  • You’re having an affair or considering being unfaithful.
  • You seem to have the same exact argument over and over.
  • Your sex life has changed significantly.
  • You feel indifferent to your spouse.
  • Someone in the relationship is lying about money.

What you do when you see those signs is up to you. Maybe you and your spouse will decide to use these challenges to grow stronger as a couple. Talking to a Thriveworks therapist in Minneapolis, MN, can help you attain a deeper level of understanding in your relationship.

The “Right” Kinds of Minneapolis Couples for Counseling

Greg and Sandra have been married for 24 years and have two grown kids together. Greg just retired from his job as a long-haul truck driver, and his daily habits have changed drastically, i.e., he’s become a hermit. Sandra isn’t used to having him around the house all the time, and their relationship has changed for the worse. Both Greg and Sandra sense a lack of emotional intimacy in their relationship. They can benefit from working with a Thriveworks marriage counselor.

Leah and Sally just got engaged on a romantic camping trip. They’re both excited to get married this summer, but Sally’s parents are still having trouble accepting that their daughter is gay, and it’s driving a wedge between the young couple. They can benefit from meeting with a Thriveworks pre-marriage counselor.

Tucker and Michelle have been cohabitating for three years and they just had their first baby. Michelle misses her creative life at an ad agency, and is having trouble managing the persistent demands of her newborn. Tucker doesn’t know how to help fill the void, and he’s also stressed about their finances now that Michelle isn’t working. They’re both busy and exhausted. They can benefit from talking to a Thriveworks online couples therapist.

A Thriveworks Marriage Counselor Can Help: Schedule Your Session Today

As you can see, there is no “right” kind of couple for counseling. Every relationship has wrinkles that can be ironed out with the help of a trained professional therapist. There’s no guarantee you’ll figure things out on your own, but Thriveworks couples all over the globe testify to the positive power of therapy. These certified marriage mediators at Thriveworks have seen it all, and they have the expertise to raise your communication skills to the next level. You can call Thriveworks in Minneapolis to schedule your first session and likely meet with a phenomenal marriage counselor within 24-48 hours.

One of the benefits that Thriveworks clients enjoy is the online therapy option. At Thriveworks in Minneapolis, you can opt for online or in-person therapy at the office, depending on your needs. Sometimes busy couples have trouble scheduling a counseling session in-person, which is why Thriveworks provides the virtual option. It’s an easy, convenient way to reap the benefits of couples therapy without having to leave the comfort of your home. Schedule a session with your spouse or loved one today.

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